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Tian’an‘men square,is located in the center of beijing , situationed in dongcheng district, is the largest city square in the world.Tian’an’men stands  on its north and Zhengyangmen on its south,it is about 880 meters long from north to south. National Museum of China stands on its east and the Great Hall of the people on its west, it is about 500 meters wide from east to west,it has the total area of 440000 square meters, can accommodate one million people to hold a large gathering on it.Its ground is wholly  covered by faint granite bar stone after special process trearment,in the middle of square,stands erect the solemn Monument to the People‘s hero and the Memorial Hall to Chairman Mao. On the east and west of theTian’an’men Gatetower  is the Working People’s Cultural Palac and the Zhongshan Park individually,the two parks use to be imperial  gardens but now open to  the ordinary people .All these grand buildings blend into harmonious whole and makes the square more imposing .

Tiananmen square is an important place with revolutionary historical significance,on October 1 1949, the founding ceremony of the People’s Republic of China was hold here,from then on,every important national day,military parade is hold here .For many years,every sunrise and sunset,the ceremony of raising and lowering national flag has becoming an attractive  display on square.

Every building here is not ordinary.You can climb up the Gatetower to imagine the historical moment in1949; You can step into the National Museum and the Great Hall to recall the country’s history or feel its politics;You can cherish the memory of Chairman Mao and People’s heroes at the Monument or in the Memorial Hall .

In one words,the Tiananmen square is the heart of China’s politics,history and culture,you can read and listen many meaningful stories about this country  here.

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