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Huangshan is the symbol of anhui province’s tourism and one of the top ten natural scenic spots of China,it is located in huangshan city, anhui province, covers an area of 1078 square kilometers. Lianhua Peak,together with Guangming and Tiandu Peak is called Three Main Peak of Huangshan,among them, Lianhua Peak is highest,about 1864 meters above sea level.

Huangshan has ever been called “Yishan” for its black and blue  rock full of mountain. It was said that the Emperor Huangdi in ancient era had made alchemy here, then it was renamed Huangshan later. Huangshan is well known by the world not only for its beautiful scenery, but also for its rich resources, and rare geographical and ecological value .

Huangshan’s representative landscapes are “Five Nonsuch” and “Three Waterfalls”, Five Nonsuch: Unique pine , Bizarre rocks, Sea of cloud, Hot springs,winter snow;Three waterfalls: Herringbone falls,Hundred-feet falls, Nine-dragon falls. Among these spots,Guest-greeting pine is the soul and No.1,It is on the east of Jade screen tower,above the manjusry cave,has grown for over 800 years from the solid stone under its foot,with vigorous attitude,branches extending as a cover,streching out to the sky just like waving and greeting to those guests before it.

Huangshan Guest-greeting pine is the symbol of the cordiality ,friendship that anhui people,chinese people show the world people,of course,it is also the  scenic spot every tourist shouldn’t miss here.

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