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Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall is the first Fall in china,as well as one of the Great Falls in the world. In November 1982, the People’s Republic of China State Council approved, Huangguoshu Falls has been listed as national key scenic spots.

Huangguoshu waterfall from the Guiyang city, capital of Guizhou  province,is about 137 km,located in  Guanling County and the contiguous counties Daban, on the Baishui River‘s tributaries . Traveling from Guiyang  to Huangguoshu, it is about  half-hour’s drive.

Huangguoshu Falls is 68 meters high, with waterfalls six meters high above it, total is 74 meters, 81 meters wide. Floodwaters in the summer, Iike the Yellow River flows reversing dumping, cliffs shook, the bottom rolls ,then tourists can also hear its roar far from 10 km.Due to the strong impact of water flow, damage the spray can diffuse more than a few hundred meters, so that the waterfall located on the top of the left villages and markets often damage the mist shrouded. Visitors calls that “silver rain throwing Street.” Being small in winter and spring , waterfalls into it from March 5 lock-down pegged to the roof, far from view, like a curtain of white floated down triumphantly . Like the middle of silk,just like ladies wash silk.. For hundreds of years, the majestic appearance of Huangguoshu waterfall has been marveled by many writers and scholars .

Then take into account the legend of gods and Tam rhinoceros hidden underwater. Rhinoceros are no gods, no one has ever seen, but the mysterious and remote lake, there is still, no one stood here, the chapter will train together. If sunny 10:00 or 16:00 or so, as the sunlight refraction, You can also blow through the waterfall being spun off by the rain and fog, to see which rises from the pit of seven-color rainbow.

Why has this waterfall been named Huangguoshu waterfall, but not other others? According to folklore, threre is a ficus tree at the edge of a waterfall , according to the local accent, “ficus” and “fruit” have same pronunciation, and people is used to calling it Huangguoshu, which is a statement. There is also another view , a long time ago legend waterfall nearby farmers like yellow fruit species, On the edge of a waterfall has a large yellow orchards, so they called it the Huangguoshu waterfall.

“The Water Curtain Cave” has the length of 134 meters, consists of six holes window, 3 units hole vents ,and six channels. According to Chinese legend arranged large television drama “Journey to the West” ,partly has been filmed here.

The first is window hole,the lowest position, the pool from the rhino-only 40 meters, but the hole is the most generous windows, 10 meters wide, In the first place, when the river rises, the middle two waterfalls  become one,  the hole will be sealed ;River falls,two waterfalls  becomes apart with the width of max 10 meters ,just  like  curtains can open  and  close。

The second hole window,  is from the first hole only about 4 meters.This is a quiet world, known as the Crystal Palace. It is the heart of Water Curtain ,caves, is 11 meters long, nine meters high and three meters wide. A roadside springs, the clear, bright and clean water in a year round water level. Top of many hanging stalactite, the straw stalactite-like there are precious stone curl. Also on the wall hung countless Shiman, stone screens.

The third hole window, highlights the field, much like a balcony. It‘s a hole 3-meter-long,1-meter-high,  with perimeter guard, visitors can stand behind the guardrail to touch Falls, People here so called “touch waterfall  platform.”  

Huangguoshu Waterfall located in the Karst region, the flow is caused by erosion. Traceability erosion crack when they arrived at upper reaches of the river erosion along the karst fracture, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and gradually expand the pipeline, formation of holes and not charged underground river。Form into local river water after the water sink in Liuzitian ratio gradually increased, created the unique karst region capture, in-flow into water sink in Liuzitian, on the formation of water sink in Liuzitian-waterfall. With water erosion and collapse strategy has steadily increased, more and more underground river cave, So along the surface wadis clustered development of the shaft and skylights, which have continued to expand, merging, Collapse, causing the present magnificent Huangguoshu Falls and Falls downstream deeply dangerous gorge.

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