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Beidaihe Resort

Located in the northeast of Hebei Province, Beidaihe is like a bright pearl inlaid in the middle of the North Bank of Bohai Bay. The seaside holiday resort of Beidaihe is famous not only as a tourist center and as a good place to recuperate after illness,but also as one of the best places in the world to see migratory birds. There are three main ecosystems of ocean, forest and wetland. There are more than 40 landscapes including Lianfeng mountain park, Dove Nest Park and Laohushi marine park . Beidaihe is also one of the four villas in China, with 135 villas with one hundred years old.

Lianfeng mountain park is the largest forest park in Beidaihe. The highest peak, donglianfeng mountain, is 153 meters above sea level, which is the commanding height of Beidaihe. Tourists mainly visit donglianfeng mountain to see all kinds of buildings and villas, which are hidden in the pines and waves. Among them, the most famous ones are “Lin Biao building” and “Zhang Xueliang general building”.

The famous Dove Nest Park is not a big park, which only covers 3 hectares area. There are hundreds of doves being fed in this part. On the square in front of dove building, you could feed the birds by yourself off your own hand. They will stand and dance on your arms and shoulders. And you are welcome to take photos with the doves. The stone of the eagle Pavilion is the only high place, and that stone is facing east. The Eagle Kiosk on Eagle Rock becomes one of the best positions to view sunrises all over the whole country, which almost enjoys the same reputation with Mount Tai. People can enjoy gorgeous sunrise from here. The sunrise on the sea is beautiful and sublime. A new sun rises from the horizon, bringing new hope.

Laohushi marine park is a pure natural park composed of sea water, beach, sunshine and reef. It is located in the center of Beidaihe scenic area, covering an area of 33000 square meters, which is a small park. Here, the boulder extends into the sea, like a group of tigers, so it is called Laohushi. Laohushi bathing place is the central bathing place of Beidaihe seashore, where the beach is wide, the slope into the sea is gentle, and the water quality is good, so it becomes the bathing place with the largest number of people in summer. There are also large-scale entertainment parks. There are sea parasols, sailboards, surfboards, children’s parks, etc. in the park. It is a large comprehensive marine park in China. The rocks in the park are in different shapes, like a group of tigers. Some of them are scattered in the crystal beach, some of them are majestic in the dense forest, some of them are showering on the coast hit by the huge waves, and some of them are sleeping in the sun.

Biluota bar park is located in Xiaodong mountain of Beidaihe seashore. The main building Biluota is the highest point of the seashore Dongshan area. It is the unique spiral sightseeing tower in the world. The park is designated as the sea fishing base and beach bonfire base, and a diving yacht club has been set up. There are marine seafood stalls, sea disco, air bar street, beach bonfire and other leisure and entertainment projects.

Built in 2005, the Olympic Park is located on the east side of the south section of Binhai Avenue, covering an area of 173000 square meters. With the design concept of scientific and technological Olympics, humanistic Olympics and Green Olympics, it shows the history of Olympic development in the form of reliefs, statues, fountains, champion hand and foot prints, etc.

Beidaihe is so famous not only for its beauty but also its culture and history, all they together contribute to the reputation of Beidaihe as a perfect tourism destination.

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