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The Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower by Changjiang river ,together withTheTengwang Pavillion by Ganjiang river and TheYueyang Tower by Dongting lake,are called the three famous towers in the south of Changjiang River.They are famous in the world for their grand scale、complex building structure 、unique roof shape and their marvel historical and cultural experience,The Yellow Crane Tower located in Wuhan city,Hubei province is the first one of the three buildings because of its longest history and magnificent appearance. Emperor Sun Quan in the Three Kingdoms period built a building on the snake mountain beside the Changjiang River to watch the military situation, which was the predecessor of the Yellow Crane Tower. After the war, the Yellow Crane Tower has gradually become a good place for people to visit, as well as a place for scholars and poets to visit and chant.

The Yellow Crane Tower is located on he top of the snake mountain with an altitude of 61.7 meters. It was designed to be based on the Tongzhi building in the Qing Dynasty. The trains along the Beijing to Guangzhou railway flew by under the Yellow Crane. The building has five floors, with a total height of 51.4 meters and a building area of 3219 square meters. The interior of the Yellow Crane Tower is supported by 72 columns, and the exterior has 60 warping angles extending outwards. The roof is constructed by covering more than 100000 yellow glazed tiles. The present Yellow-Crane Tower consists of main buildings, matched pavilions, corridors and memorial archways, all spreading over a three story terrace along a terrace along a central axis that becomes higher and higher. The west entrance of the Yellow-Crane Tower Park is located on the first terrace. The second terrace has a memorial archway flanked by pavilions and a bending corridor. The newly built Yellow-Crane Tower stands on the third and central terrace.

The front wall of the first floor hall is a huge ceramic mural with the theme of “white clouds and yellow cranes”. The surrounding space displays the important documents about the Yellow Crane Tower, the landscape prints of famous poems, and the copies of the paintings of the Yellow Crane Tower. The halls on the 2nd to 5th floors all have different themes and have their own characteristics in layout, decoration and display. It is nearly 90 meters higher than the river. The scenery on both sides of the river is in sight. There are also Shengxiang pagoda, stele Gallery, Mountain Gate and other buildings around the main building. The whole building has a unique national style. Inside the Yellow Crane Tower, there are different layers of styles. The bottom floor is a large and spacious hall, with the central caisson ceiling as high as more than 10 meters. On the front wall is a huge ceramic mural of “white clouds and yellow cranes”.

On the front wall of the hall on the second floor, there is the story of the Yellow Crane Tower written by Yan Boli of Tang Dynasty, which is engraved with marble. It records the history of the rise and fall of the Yellow Crane Tower and the anecdotes of celebrities. On both sides of the story are two murals, one is “Sun Quan built the city”, which vividly explains the history of the successive birth of the Yellow Crane Tower and Wuchang City. The other is “Zhou Yu set a banquet”, which reflects the activities and festivals of celebrities from the Three Kingdoms to the Yellow Crane Tower.

The murals in the hall on the third floor are “embroidered paintings” of Tang and song celebrities, such as Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Lu You, etc. They also excerpted the famous sentences they chanted about the Yellow Crane Tower. The hall on the fourth floor is divided into several small halls with screens, which are built-in with contemporary celebrity calligraphy and paintings for tourists to enjoy and purchase. There are long volumes and murals in the top hall, such as the painting of the Yangtze River.

Yellow Crane Tower is a classic and modern fusion casting, poetic and aesthetic construction of the boutique. Climbing the Yellow Crane Tower can not only get pleasure, but also purify the mind. This is about the reason why the charm of the Yellow Crane Tower has survived through the wind and rain, and it has survived together with the sun and the moon……

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