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Lingyan Temple

Lingyan Temple is a Buddhist temple located in WandeTown, Changqing District, Jin‘an city, Shandong Province, China, which is 8 kilometers far from National Road 104, on the South of Jinan and on the North of Mount.Tai. It is a famous Buddhist resort and one of the national scenic spots and its area is about 500,000 square kilometers. All the time, it is well known by its long religious history and profound cultural heritage.There is a saying “You can’t travel without Lingyan”.

The temple grounds are situated in a valley on the western edge of Mount. Tai range. It is around by many ridges. These ridges are divided into two parts: the lower layer is Crystalline basement, the upper is Sedimentary caprock, which is on the crystalline basement and is the main body of the ridges.

Besides, there are many beautiful stones, steep rocks, deep caves, sweet springs and strange trees. Especially, there are some old and famous trees, such as Dragon-Phoenix Sandalwoods, Tang Chinese scholar trees and so on.

When standing to appreciate so beautiful scenery, you can find it around by many ridges, mountains silent, rocks steep, trees beautiful, spring sweet, old spots a lot, and Buddhist voices around. These above will make travellers feel”Lingshan is the most silent place of Mount.Tai, so you can’t travel Mount. Tai without Lingyan .”

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