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The Baiyangdian Lake

Baiyangdian Lake is located in Hebei province,it is with the total area of 366 square kilometers,is the largest inland lake in Hebei province and the largest natural lake in northern China, thus it is called “Kidney of North China”.

About environment, the lake is the habitat of about 50 varieties of fish and multiple varieties of wild geese, ducks and other birds. The lake and side parks also are home of a vast number of lotus, ti-plants, and other precious plants. From harvesting the fauna and flora of the lake, the locals make a living.On the islands in the lake,there are many restaurants that cook with local ingredients and hotels for the over night tourist.

Baiyangdian Lake is a national and international tourist attraction , has been classified as a AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.It is famous for its peaceful water scenes and vast lotus gardens. Hand-driven and motorized boats are available for tourists,usually accompanied by tour guide.

“Imperial Concubine Yuan’s Lotus Garden” built in 2001 ,is located to the south of the tourism wharf in Anxin County, covers an area of about 1800 mu, with great natural landscape. In Jin dynasty, emperor commanded to build this garden for Imperial Concubine Yuan so that she could see the lotus when she dressed up in the morning. When this scenic spot was built, it was named ” Imperial Concubine Yuan’s Lotus Garden “.

The Baiyangdian cultural Park is located in Baiyangdian Lake, covering an area of about 1333333 square metres. And visitors can experience different culture including history, tradition, folk custom and ecology. There are many great landscapes such as Kangxi’s palace, the museum in memory of YanLingDui.

Baiyangdian fisherman’s paradise was founded in 2001, covering an area of more than 6 square kilometers. It is historically known as shaoche lake. Yang yanzhao, a famous general in Song Dynasty, fought against Jin and Liao states,The water area in the scenic spot is broad and the water quality is clear. It is a typical wetland scenic spot.

“The Wang’s Folk Culture Village”covers an area of 4995 square meters, it was built for visitors experiencing the folk culture of Baiyangdian. Here you can also experience the northern rural life of fishermen.

Yuanyang island covers an area of 64000 square meters. It is surrounded by reeds,  lotus flowers and complete facilities on the island. It integrates tourism, shopping, entertainment, eating, living and traveling. During the day, the lake is windy, sparkling, and has a wide view. You can see the beautiful scenery of the lake area.At night, fisherman’s lamp is picturesque.

Baiyangdian exotic park is located in Anxin scenic area of Baiyangdian Lake, with Yuanyang island in the north and leisure island in the south, covering an area of 20000  square meter. There are authentic Thai dance, brave European women’s wrestling, Breathtaking Thai alligator and lion hunting performances in the park. You can Enjoy the excitement, appreciate the romance and have a lot of fun here.

The Window of Baiyangdian is located on the beautiful Yuanyang island in Baiyangdian, Anxin County, Hebei Province. With detailed historical data, precious historical photos and rich physical objects, this museum truly displays the long history and culture of Baiyangdian, vividly represents the glorious footprints of “Yanling team” on the lake, and introduces the unique culture of the lake area in detail. It introduces the unique culture of Lake district in detail and fully displays the natural resources and beautiful scenery of Baiyangdian.

Baiyangdian Lake is really a good scenic area with natural,historical and cultural scenery.

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