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Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, located on the north side of the Qilian Mountains, distanced 30km south to Linze county, Zhangye, Gansu Province, is one of the largest Danxia landform areas with top-quality and most diverse Danxia lanfform, the specimen of coloured Danxia landform and window-shape palace-like Danxia landform areas in China, which endows it very high scientific and tourism values.

In December, 2005, Zhangye Danxia Geologic Park was recommended as one of the “ Seven Most Beautiful Danxia in China” in the activity “Where Is The Most Beautiful Place in China” held by China Geography Magazine together with 34 medias from nation wide. In the year 2015, it is recommended as one of the 25 fanciest tour places around the world.

Zhangye Danxia landform is the only compound area of Danxia landform and Colored Hill Landscape in China.The scenic area mainly includes Binggou Danxia scenic area and Qicai (Seven Colors) Danxia scenic area, with a distance of about 12 kilometers. The distribution area of Zhangye Danxia Geopark is about 536 square kilometers, among which the area of Qicai (Seven Colors) Danxia scenic area is about 200 square kilometers, and the area of Binggou Danxia scenic area is about 300 square kilometers.Binggou Danxia scenic spot is mainly distributed in Kangle Township and Baiyin Township, Sunan County, Zhangye City; Qicai (Seven Colors) Danxia scenic spot is mainly distributed in nijiaying Township, Linze County.

The windown-shape palace-like Danxia landform is the most widely distributed and developed Danxia landform type in Zhangye, especially in the area of south Baizhuangzi, which is the best one among the national Danxia landform boutiques, with the most widely distributed and various kinds Danxia landscape in China. Dahong mountain in Baizhuangzi is the naming place of the windown-shape palace-like Danxia landform.

Jiang Wen’s film “the sun rises as usual”, Zhang Yimou’s “three guns make a surprise”, Qian Yan-qiu’s TV series “Detective Di-Renjie (the third)” and other films all take the scenic spot as the location for shooting.

How is the Danxia landform formed? Scientifically speaking, it is the product of the crustal movement in a long historical period and the masterpiece of nature. Danxia geological structure is formed by rock accumulation, which refers to the formation of isolated peaks and steep rocks and rocks under the influence of long-term weathering, stripping and water erosion of red sandstone, special geological structure, climate change, wind and other natural environment. It is mainly developed in the horizontal or gently inclined red stratum from Jurassic to tertiary, and it is a very thick red sand and conglomerate along the verticalThe general name of all kinds of Danxia Qifeng.The Danxia of Qilian Mountain in Zhangye is mainly composed of red gravel, sandstone and mudstone, with obvious dry and semi-arid climate imprint. It is a natural scenic area with natural scenery as the main part, integrating the majestic, dangerous, strange, quiet and beautiful of Danxia Mountain in Guangdong Province, and embracing the colorful city of Xinjiang.

Majestic refers to that its peaks are composed of precipices, many of which are hundreds of meters high, rising from flat ground or riverbank. The precipices are sharp, smooth and neat, magnificent and vigorous. It’s magnificent and powerful. Even a small-scale stone peak seems to have the power of holding the sky, full of the beauty of masculinity.

Dangerous refers to that most of the hillsides are upright or anti slope, which is daunting, near and intimidating. Most of the cliffs cannot be climbed. There are ancient poems such as “the plank road follows the pine plan, the dangerous building overlaps the stones”, “the cliff should be a thousand climbs, the dangerous cliff has only one line to pass”, “the flying birds do not dare to fly back” and so on, which can not be overemphasized to describe the precipitous beauty of Danxia in Qilian Mountain.

Strange refers to the strange stones. Looking at the Danxia landform group, the strange stones are like forest, changing thousands of times, like things like scenery, castle, cone and tower, like people, things, birds and animals, with different images, lifelike and orderly combination, like a “Millennium stone castle”. It can be said that “looking across the forest, there are peaks on the side, and the height is different from far and near”. Especially in the morning fog, it’s like a mirage, like the fairy mountain and haven pavilion, amazing to watch. It makes you feel that they are masterpieces of sculpture, but none of them are not from the supernatural works of nature.

Quiet means the environment is quiet. When visiting the reed ditch with a total length of 3 kilometers, you can only see the red cliff, the peak and the road turn, where each step gives a different scenery that attracts the tourist a lot. Looking around, it’s magnificent, strange and dangerous, full of caves. Both sides of the stone path stand tall, and the stone castles stand on the top of the mountain. It is like a mysterious ancient castle that gives the world a legendary fairy story. People can’t help but start their boundless reverie and nostalgia, “thinking about the long world history” and sigh at the past and the present. Under the misty haze, between the peaks and deep ravines, people seldom step in there, no knowing how many unsolved mysteries lurk people to explore a secret reverie.

Beauty is the beauty of form, structure, color, artistic conception and change. The beauty of Danxia is a natural beauty without human’s interrupt. Danxia landform is characterized by peak forest structure, with uneven and dense rocks, numerous peaks, orderly combination, full of rhythm and hierarchy. Its cliffs are red when viewed from far, but colorful form near. Many cliffs are like knives, axes, and blue sky. The scenery is quite beautiful. The Red Cliff is colored by flowing water or organic matter precipitation into pieces of black blue, dark brown, red and colorful. Under the background of blue sky and white clouds, there is a contrast in harmony, forming a colorful picture. With the change of time and weather, the color and scenery of the mountain are constantly changing, with clear layers. In the morning, you can see the wonders of sunrise, in the evening, you can see the gorgeous sunset and the peaceful night. In the rainy day, you can have a panoramic view, which makes you broad-minded and worry about nothing. In a day, all the year round, whether it’s sunny or rainy, there are different sceneries for tourists to enjoy.

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