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Guniujiang Scenic Spot

Guniujiang scenic spot is located on the boundary of Shitai County and QImen County, which is not only a famous comprehensive nature reserve in China, but also a rare tourist scenic spot with the mountain type. Guniujiang Mountain is one of the three high mountains (including Huangshan Mountain, Qingliang Peak and Guniujiang Mountain) in the south of Anhui province, 22 kilometers from Shitai County, whose main peak is altitude of 1727.6 meters and covers total area of 6700 hectares, and it is the third high peak in the east of China. There are many high mountains, which display their strangeness and beauty; thousands of valleys and gullies are crisscrossing; the climate is mild and the rainfall is abundant; the soil is fertile and the ancient trees tower to the sky, and so it has excellent natural conditions.

All Guniujiang Mountain is green and ten thousand trees strive for glory. Due to its remote location, sparse population and rare woodcut, the natural plants there are well preserved, making it a rare forest ecological reserve in the middle subtropical zone of China. There are national key protected tree species, such as Fragrant fruit tree, Magnolia and Liriodendron; there is the special tree species—Eupatorium in Anhui province;

There are tall trees, such as tupelo, warm wood, southern crape myrtle; there are precious and fine trees, such as Phoebe in East China, Phoebe, sassafras, tussah and various cherry trees; there are the special economic trees, such as Chinese torreya, Cephalotaxus, Magnolia officinalis, eucommia, etc.; there are also some plants of southwest and South, such as Fujian false Euonymus, chaff tree, Sichuan Sabia japonica, Meliosma cuneifolia, Antidesma japonicum, Adina pilulifera, cudrania cochinchinensis, Rattan sandalwood, Tiger sting,Uncaria, Jade leaves, golden flowers, Guangdong snake grape, etc.; under the dense forest and beside valleys, there are common precious herbs such as lutea, Octagonal lotus, Paris polyphylla, carmine Impatiens, Yuzhu, deer hoof, etc.; vine plants include Schisandra, Mountain grape, Kiwifruit, Akebia quinata, etc.; on both sides of the valley at an altitude of 700-800 meters, there are rare small areas of high-rise forest of Lagerstroemia speciosa in Anhui.

In the dense forest of Guniujiang mountain, there exists a noisy and active animal world, where some national key protected animals are living, such as Sika deer, Suman antelope( also called “Sibuxiang”), black muntjac, clouded leopard, short-tailed monkey, macaque, kitten, otter, Silver Pheasant, Baijin long tailed pheasant, mandarin duck, owl, etc.. All kinds of birds and frogs are also rich. And it is also a kingdom of snakes, where 38 species were found in the first investigation, which are rare in China.

Guniujiang spot is a combination of magnificence, strangeness, dangerousness, beautifulness, quietness and wonderfulness. Tourists are all relaxed and happy when they are on the scene. Due to the cloudy and foggy climate in Guniujiang area, and high mountains, dense forests and east-west mountain terrain, the Buddha light is easy to form. The magic and charming “Buddha light” is the gift of nature to human beings. While the Buddha light here is more clear than that of Emei Mountain, and it appears for a long time and many times: it can be seen in all seasons of the year, with a high frequency in both spring and autumn; it can be formed in the morning, noon and evening of the day, especially in the morning and evening. In the evening, the Buddha light is particularly beautiful. Standing on the ox horn and looking west, you can see a beam of sunlight slanting. Between the valley and the sky, there is a clear and bright space. A large arching fog group appears on a pine sea wave, in which a colorful halo inlaid, and waves of catching brocade are surging and shining. What is puzzling is that no matter how many people are in the Buddha light, tourists can only see their own shadows, and with every move, the shadow follows the shape. Looking at the beautiful halo, the magical scenery and the figure in the color mirror, people naturally feel detached and floating in the sky.

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