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The Dragon Pavilion Park

The Dragon Pavilion Park was built on the relics of six Dynasties’imperial palace, total area is 1038 mu, among which 710 mu is water area.Architectures and scenic spots of the garden contain: the meridian gate, the jade belt bridge,the songhu,the gate to court,themain hall of dragon pavilion,the wax statue museum of Song Dynasty,east and west festoon gates and side courtyards,the models of Northern Song’s east capital and imperial palace,the relic of Northern Song’s Chen Arched gate,square pavilion of tablet with true form of five sacred mountains,north gate and the garden of plant modelling,the garden of bonsai,the plum garden etc.In addition to the large area of water, the main venue of annual Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival is based here,which makes the dragon pavilion into the symbol of Kaifeng city.

1,The Main Hall of Dragon Pavilion
It is a part of Song Dynasty’s imperial palace’s garden,and is the main part of the whole architectural complex of Qing Dynasty, it stands highly and firmly on the platform on the top of 72 steps of stairs,towering and magnificent.The main hall stands there facing south,on the stone carving with dragon and cloud of imperial road in front of the hall,was left the footprints of Emperor Zhaokuangyin’s horse.The main hall is 26.7 meters high, 19.1 metets long from east to west, and 11.9 meters wide from north to south, with cornice angle outside hanging windbells, when wind comes, bell ring with pleasant tone.Climbing up the main hall of dragon pavilion,the Pan and Yang lake’s large area of water, the garden’s beautiful scenery, bustling Song capital imperial road, ancient capital’s street scape ,all are under in your eyes.

2,The Garden of Planting Modelling
The Garden of Planting Modelling is called “The Unique of Central Region”, is behind the main hall of dragon pavilion,covers the area of 7.8 mu,with branches of juniper and Platycladus orientalis, they made into all kinds of modelling,such as plane,train,tower,Nine Dragon Screen,tigers pouncing on sheep,panda paradise,twelve Chinese Zodiac,Beijing White Dagoba,Kaifeng Iron Tower, Hangzhou’s”three pools mirroring moon”.Their prunning skill is exquisite and modelling is as vivid as life.

3,The Bonsai Garden
The Bonsai Garden is also called Fanglin Garden,is on the west of the Garden of Plant Modelling, covers the area of 6.7 mu, there are hundreds of pots of bonsai of tree trunk , bonsai of hill and water, they are quietly elgent with various postures, pleasant to heart and eyes.

4,The Pan’s and Yang’s Lakes
The Pan’s Lake and Yang’s Lake are located individually on the east and west side of the main road of the Dragon Pavilion Park,the water is open and wide,the bank is twisty and winding.To tourist’s surprise, though they are adjacent to each other, the Yang’s lake is limpid with cristal water,the Pan’s lake is turbid,just like that Northern Song Dynasty’s famous general Yangye was open and aboveboard, and Northern Song Dynasty’s cunning minister Panrenmei is sordid.

5,The Tan’gu Garden
The Tan’gu Garden is situated on an island of the Pan’s lake, it was built according to the hisrorical legends and stories happened around the dragon pavilion,it consists of the north,east and west exhibition halls,telling five stories about the dragon pavilion.

6,The East and West Court Room
The East and West Court Room stand on the east and west side individually with symmetry ,they are painted with Su-style coloured drawing, elegant with classic simplicity. Inside them there are nine groups of wax statues based on the stories of Song Dynasty’s nine emperors.

7,The Screen Wall
The Screen Wall stands between the Court Gate and the Main Hall of Dragon Pavilion,it is 7.36 meters tall,19 meters wide, in the middle of which there is an arched door facing the court gate,walking through the screen wall, you can go up to the main hall directly.

8,The Song Hu
The Song Hu stands between the Meridian Gate and the Court Gate, In the Qing Dynasty,it is the place that local official of Kaifeng went to the Longevity Palace to worship the emperor and hurrah for him.The central three rooms are Chuanxin Hall .Looking through the Chuanxin Hall,the Court Gate and Main Hall of Dragon will appear in your sight.

9,The Jade Belt Bridge
Passing through the Meridian Gate, go forward for 100 meters, right is the Jade Belt Bridge,which is 40 meters long from north to south, 18 meters wide from east to west, it is an arched stone bridge connecting the Pan’s Lake and the Yang’s Lake,being bent just like a jade belt up above the glistening lake,so called”The Jade Belt Bridge”.

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