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The Kaifeng Iron Tower

Kaifeng Iron Tower is also called”the Kaibao Temple Tower”, is situated in the Iron Tower Park in the northeast of Kaifeng city, because the tower is all covered with brown glazed tiles,make it looks exactly like iron colour,so is called “Iron Tower”.The Iron Tower is well known by world for its upright figure and consummate construction skill.It is one of landmarks of Kaifeng city,there is a local saying says:No visiting  iron tower in Kaifeng,equals  you never reached Kaifeng.

The Iron Tower was built in the first of Huangyou years Northern Song Dynasty(1049A.D), has had a history of over 900 years.In1961,it was listed as the important national cultural heritage conservation unit by the State Council.The iron tower is an octagon building with 13-storey,it is 55.88 meters high,each side of the ground floor is 4.16 meters wide, and gets lesser when getting up.The body of tower was wholy built with bricks that carved with flying Apsaras,unicorn,Bodhisattva,musician and dancer,lion and other over 50 kinds of decorative patterns,they are all beautifully shaped with vivid expressions,can be rated as masterpieces of brick carving art.The Iron Tower gets well known both in China and abroad for its perfect architectural art,its design is exquisite and structure is firm,though has been destoryed by earthquake,flood, furious  storm and man-made calamity, remains standing there majestically.Climbing up the tower and taking a bird’s-eye view of the city,the  Yellow River like a belt,the ground like a carpet,the ancient capital‘s sceneries are all in your sight.Visiting here,tourist will feel floating in the cloud, so “floating cloud around iron tower” became one of Kaifeng’s famous eight scenic spots.

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