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The Memorial Temple to Lord Bao

Baozheng with dark-skined face enforced the law strictly,being on the scroll of fame,the legend of three guillotines is well–known even to women and children.He was respectfully called Lord Bao by people.To commemorate this famous honest and upright official in the history,Kaifeng municipal government built a Memorial Temple to Lord Bao with the area of 1 hectare beside the Lake of Lord Bao surrounded by blue water for people to worship.Lord Bao has acted as the Governor of Kaifeng Prefecture during the Northern Song Dynasty.On his each watch,he all kept being honest and incorruptible,  defied the dignitary,his achievements and virtues was highly praised by later genarations.

The main tourist area consists of:the main hall,the second hall,the east and west side halls,cloister,stele pavilion,the main gate,the second gate,etc..Displaying the copper statue of Lord Bao,the copper guillotine,the wax figure of Judge Bao at trial,the historical materials and records about Lord Bao,the stone stele of  the Kaifeng Prefecture, epigraph, etc.The whole architectural complex looks grand and imposing,with classical simplicity style.

The Memorial Temple to Lord Bao of Kaifeng was rebuilt to commemorate Baozheng,a famous honest and upright official,political reformer.It is situated in Kaifeng,a seven Dynasties’ ancient capital,on the west  bank of Lord bao Lake,with blue water rippling and picturesque scenery.It’s one of important scenic spots of central plain tourism area developed and built by National Tourism Administration.

The memorial temple covers the area of 1hectare, is a group of typical  Song Dynasty’s  style ancient architectural complex. It looks  grand and imposing with classic simplicity .  Inside the Temple there are main buildings and scenic spots such as the main gate, the second gate, screenwall, stele Pavilion, the main hall, the second hall, cloister, the east and west exhibition hall ,the artificial hill and waterfall, the Pavilion of one hundred stone carved dragons and fountain,small bridge over flowing stream,rocks of grotesque shapes.In the main hall, there is a  bronze statue of Judge Bao makes a deep impression on every tourist’s mind, it is over 3 meters high  and weighs 2.5 tons.Judge Bao sit squarely  and seriously in  dragon robes with jade belt, one hand on chair and another clenched,as if he will rise suddenly and beat the table, being filled with  indignation and  awe-inspiring righteousness.It is a true portraiture of Lord Bao that combined the history,idea and art in one.On both sides of the copper statue, is displaying the historical relics and classical books recording Lord Bao’s true life and virtues of incorruptibility.

In the second hall, there are Judge Bao’s handwriting and poems showing ideas and his epitaph etc..Iron-stern precept left by Lord Bao in his old age says that:My descendants in official career if take bribes and bend the law, won’t be permitted to be back home,and can’t be buried into the family cemetery after death,” which fully shows Lord Bao’s noble character of hating the evil like hating the enemy and handing incorruptibility from generation to generation.On the stone stele,there are 183 Kaifeng Prefecture’s governor’s names and terms of office since Northern Song was established.Ander Lord Bao’s name,there is a line of deep groove,that’s because too many tourists touched the name of Lord Bao too many times with fingers.Which right is the witness that people love and esteem Lord Bao.

Poet of Yuan Dynasty Wangyun composed a poem,singing highly praise for Lord Bao and Fanzhongyan, saying that their noble characters and fine fames shine brilliantly through ages, and those corrupt officials is like crows,they will be too dread to approach their stele.obviously “the Justice Bao”are equal to their reputation.In the east and west exhibition halls , legends , anecdotes and historical stories on Judge Bao is displayed in illustrated way, especially there is a group of wax figures of oprea《the Case of Chenshimei》,as large as life, bright in colour, alike in both appearance and spirit, as vivid as life, even if a single of hair can be seen,has been highly praised by domestic and foreign tourists.

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