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The Memorial Temple to Yue Fei of Zhuxian Town

The Zhuxian town is 20 km to the south of Kaifeng city, said that it is the righteous man of Wei state during the Warring States Zhuhai’s hometown.In the Ming Dynasty, it is the only staithe between land and water,is an important center of goods collecting and distributing ,so booms rapidly,  becomimg one of four famous towns during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.The town is situated in the vast  plain, terrain around it is open, it has always been a strategic point leads to the Kaifeng city.Zhuxian town’s heyday is the period of latest ming and early qing dynasty, at that time,its total area is 25 square km, has the population of over 200 thousand and 40 thousand households of  permanent residence and merchant.Inside the town, streets crisscross, streams of people busily coming and going ,all kinds of goods was put in all kinds of stores,both buying and selling are brisk.The jialu river devides the town into east  and west two parts.In the Ming and Qing Dynasties,the east town was important merket place, but after the period of Emperor Qianlong, because of the yellow river’s inundation,the town was destroyed several times, for the east town’s terrain was lower,most of merchants moved to the west town from the east .

Zhuxian town’s wood-block lunar new year painting  started in the Tang Dynasty, prevailed during the Song Dynasty and reached its heyday during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has had a long history and will have a long development,it is one of four famous wood-block lunar new year painting of our country.

In the early South Song Dynasty, the famous Anti-Jin hero Yuefei commonded 500 picked cavalry to defeat utterly Jinwuzhu’s 100 thousand soldiers in this area,won the Triumph of Zhuxian Town.Jinwuzhu had to sign with disappointment:”It is easy to shake a mountain,but difficult to shake Yue’s army.”

The Memorial Temple to Yuefei of Zhuxian town ,generally called Yue wang Temple, established in the September, the sixteen of Chenghua years(1470A.D),Ming Dynasty , covers the area of 27 mu,sits in the north facing the south,with rectangle veranda, three courtyards arranged from south to north,has been repaired and rebuilt several times during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.In 1986, local government began to repair once again, today has already repaired the Shan Gate,the Screen Wall in front of the Main Gate  and the casting statue of “Treacherous courtiers kneeling before loyal courtier” .The temple has been basically recovered.The whole architecture looks grand and solemn,stele pavilions stand in great numbers, with all kinds of articles of carving,painting, molding, and casting,which has ever attracted many historical and political celebrities, such as Yuqian(famous courtier and hero of Ming Dynasty),Emperor Qianlong,Yangchengwu, Zhumuzhi,Huyaobang to come to visit and leave their signature and calligraphy here.Here are some upright steles, among which ,two tablets of《See Mr Ziya off for northern expedition》and《The river all red》are most famous,their handwriting is vigorous with strength,Fluent and unrestrained,both are masterpieces of tablets.

The Memorial Temple to Yuefei of Zhuxian town, together with that of Tangyin,Wuchang, and Hangzhou,are called four great Memorial Temples to Yuefei of our country,they are all well known both in China and in the world.

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