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The Prefecture of Kaifeng

The Prefecture of Kaifeng is well-known by the world and with a long history, regarded as“The First Prefecture under heaven”, having a large scale and imposing manner.There are many historical personage such as Kouzhun, Fanzhongyan,Baozheng,Ouyangxiu etc., all have ever acted as  the magistrate of Kaifeng Prefecture.Especially when being on his watch,Baozheng was impartial and  incorruptible,upright and outspoken, he enforced the law strictly,help the weak and restrain the powerful,his fine fame spread in all ages,a classical tune of”I Baolongtu sit in the Prefecture of Kaifeng……”,makes people soul-stirring,thoughts thronged and fascinated greatly.Many people crossed mountains and rivers ,came to Kaifeng city to seek the Prefecture of Kaifeng and pay their respects to Judge Bao.

The Prefecture of Kaifeng reconstructed is situated on the north bank of east Baogong Lake,covers the area of 60 mu, among  which is 13.6 thousand square meters building area. The Prefecture of Kaifeng looks magnificent and  spectacular,echo each other at a distance with the Memorial Temple  to Judge Bao situated in the west Baogong Lake ,they stand in sharp relief against three lakes water, forms into a splendid scenery of “East prefecture and west temple ” with towers, Pavilions and blue water.

The Prefecture of Kaifeng was built in the Northern Song Dynasty’s way ,it takes the Main Hall, the Council Chamber, the Plum-Blossom Hall as the central axis,supplemented by the Tianqing Taoist Temple, the Mingli Academy, the Qianlong Palace, the Qingxin Tower, the Prison, the Hero Tower, the  Guest House etc. altogether 50 palaces  and towers with various size.

According to the contents displayed, it is divided into 9 districts :
1,The prefecture office cultural district mainly consists of the Voicing Grievance Drum, the warning stone stele and the Great Hall ;
2,The legend of Judge Bao cultural districtmainly based on the Plum-blossom Hall with the legend of Judge Bao sitting in the hall facing to the north out of the ordinary;
3,The Taoism cultural district mainly consist s the Taiji -Bagua platform and the Three Ancestors Taoist Hall ;
4,The prison execution cultural district mainly consists of the warden office and the prison ;
5,The education and imperial examination cultural district mainly consists of the Gongkui Tower and the Guiji Hall;
6,The entertainment cultural district mainly consists of the Hero Tower and the Drill Ground;
7,The prefectural magistrate humanity cultural district mainly based on the Qingxin Tower with the achievements of all former prefectural magistrate;
8,The emperor cultural district mainly based on the Qianlong Palace with the achievements of Emperor Taizong, Zhenzong, Qinzong of Song Dynasty.;
9,The leisure cultural district mainly consists of the Lord Fan Pavilion, the curved bridge, lake, artificial hill and rockery.

As a theme scenic area, the Prefecture of Kaifeng insist on  the management idea  of association of activity and inertia ,being appreciated by both the cultured and the popular,history and legend contrasting finely with each other. In the Prefecture of Kaifeng, besides a great deal of precious historical materials, ancedotes and exhibits, you can see various and colourful performances  such as “the prefecture’s opening ceremony  “,”the J udge of Bao settle lawsuit  “,”the performance of greeting guests on drill field “,”the performance of  breathing fire and changing mask “.

The Memorial Temple to Judge Bao is situated on the west bank of  the Baogong Lake with rippling water and picturesque scenery ,covers the area of 1 hectare,is a group of typical  Song Dynasty’s  style ancient architectural complex. It looks  grand and imposing with classic simplicity .  Inside the Temple there are main buildings and scenic spots such as the main gate, the second gate, screenwall, stele Pavilion, the main hall, the second hall, cloister, the east and west exhibition hall ,the artificial hill and waterfall, the Pavilion of one hundred stone carved dragons and fountain,small bridge over flowing stream,rocks of grotesque shapes.In the main hall, there is a  bronze statue of Judge Bao makes a deep impression on every tourist’s mind, it is over 3 meters high  and weighs 2.5 tons.Judge Bao sit squarely  and seriously in  dragon robes with jade belt, one hand on chair and another clenched,as if he will rise suddenly and beat the table, being filled with  indignation and  awe-inspiring righteousness.In the second hall, there are Judge Bao’s handwriting and poems  to show his ideas and his epitaph,and there is an important stone tablet inscribing many former magistrates of Kaifeng Prefecture,regretly, Baozheng’s name is not among them.

In the east and west exhibition halls , legends , anecdotes and  historical stories on Judge Bao is displayed in illustrated way, especially there is a group of wax figures of oprea《the Case of Chenshimei》,as large as life, bright in colour, alike in both appearance and spirit, as vivid as life, even if a single of hair can be seen.

The Prefecture of Kaifeng is not only a toutist area, it is also a lair of dragons and tigers, a window to knowing about culture and  history of China.

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