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The Tianbo Yang’s Mansion

The Tianbo Yang’s Mansion is Northern Song Dynasty’s national hero Yangye’s residence situated beside the golden river at the Tianbo Gate in the northwest of Northern Song’s capital (Kaifeng today ),hence named “the Tianbo Yang’s Mansion “.Yang’s are faithful and honest for generations ,Yang ye devoted himself to nation loyally, being  incorruptable and upright, but not good at flattering and cunning talk,so was regarded highly by the Emperor Taizong of Song, Zhaoguangyi, the Emperor so ordered to establish a Wuning Mansion at the Tianbo Gate beside the golden river ,and appropriated 5 million to build “Qingfeng  Wuning Tianbo  Dishui Tower “,and autographed the tablet with the characters of  “The Tianbo Yang ’s Mansion “,and issued a decree that all the officials passing by the “Tianbo Yang’s Mansion “,civil official land his sedan chair, military officer get down from  horse, to show their respect .

The Tianbo Yang’s  Mansion consists of the east, middle, west  three courtyards ,its architectural standard  was designed and built according to the  level of first-class military officer ,same with the commandant and governor of Datong Yangye has appointed  by Emperor before.

The ancestor of Yangye (Yanglinggong ) is a native of Linzhou (Shenmu county shanxi province today ),later moved to Taiyuan,his father Yangxin was a famous general who have resisted against Liao state in the time of Five Dynasties, has ever guarded Hequ (in shanxi province ) and Linzhou.Yangye’s original name is Chonggui, he was a general of Northern Han separatist regime in late Five Dynasties, owing to his being heroic and combat-worthy, he was called “Yang wudi “,means he is  invincible. Liujiyuan, the governor of Northern Han regime rename him Liujiye.In the time of Northern Han Dynasty, Yangye has acted the governor of Jianxiong, guarding the Dai county shanxi province today. Because the Qidan nationality invaded and harassed frequently ,many military conflicts broke out in this area. When the Northern Song Dynasty was established,Yangye once persuaded Liujiyuan to submit to the Song Dynasty, and jointly resist the Qidan nationality, but was refused.In 979, Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty Zhaoguangyi besiged Taiyuan, Northern Han separatist regime collapsed , Yangye restored  his surname to the original, and became a general of Song Dynasty, he has been fifties at that time.The Emperor Taizong of Song knew that he knew well about the situation of northern frontier ,so appointed him to act as the governor of Dai Prefecture (the Dai county shanxi province today ).

Yangye’s wife Zhe’s, was a woman with military capability ,born in a big family of Yun prefecture (Datong city shanxi province today ),her grandfather, father and two brothers are all generals stationed at  the  frontier,have guarded the Fu prefecture (northeast to Shenmu county  Shanxi province today )successively ,they have engaged the Qidan nationality many times, to defense the northern border and  strategic gateway.Madame Zhe came from a family of generals,was good at shooting arrows on horse and could go on a campaign,she has help her husband accomplished a feat .And today her tomb is still can be seen in the Zhe village, Bao de county, Shanxi province. In the legend and drama, she was called Madame She, that is because “Zhe “and “She “have  similar  pronounciation .

In Kaifeng, a seven dynasties ancient capital,there has always been the statement of “civil Bao and military Yang “ever since the Northern Song Dynasty .The heroic story about Yang’s General has spread widely in the folk  during  the middle-age of Northern Song Dynasty. The famous litterateur and politician Ouyangxiu has ever praised Yangye and Yang yanzhao as “the father and son are all famous generals  ,they are invincible in bravery and w isdom,whether  social celebrity or kids in  countryside can tell  about them “.For hundreds years, stories about Yang’s generals has passed down, it’s well known to every household,it shows that from ancient time, chinese have glorious patriotic tradition, people always respect and yearn for those historic heroic personage. The Judge of Bao is upright and outspoken,he  has set a good example to all the officials,being respected by people. Reprensented  by Yangye, the Yang’s generals defensed the country frontier without thinking about themselves. this kind of heroic spirit is worthy of being highly praised for.

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