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Travel in Kaifeng

Kaifeng city is located in the east of Henan province,total area is 6444 square km,total population is 4510000,  governs  weishi, qi,tongxu,lankao,kaifeng five counties and drum tower,dragon pavilion,south gateway, shunhe and suburbs five districts.

Kaifeng is a seven Dynasties’ ancient capital and one of famous historical and cultural cities of China ,has a history of 2700 years. The Wei state during the Warring states period,the Later Liang,Later Jin,Later Han,Later Zhou,Northern Song and Jin all have chose it as their capitals,so was called”Seven Dynasties’ Ancient Capital.” Kaifeng has a long history , profound traditional culture ,also has world-famous relics and ancient sites.In Northern Song Dynasty,Kaifeng was called East Capital,at that time,”population is over 1million,goods come together from north and south.”it is not only the nation’s political, economical and cultural center,but also is one of the most flourishing cities of the world, having had the name of “international metropolis with enormous riches”.

Splendid culture and long history have left rich ancient relics and tourist resources to Kaifeng. Architectures with styles of Song,Yuan,Ming, Qing Dynasties can be seen here and there in the city.Represented by the Dragon Pavilion, Iron Tower,Grand Xiangguo Monastery,these places of interest and historical sites absorb tourists to come to visit in endless stream.And today,kaifeng city has been listed as a key tourist city of central plain by National Tourism  Administration.

1.The Dragon Pavilion Park situated in the northwest of the city, covers the area of over 1300 mu,contains the following  scenic spots:the Meridian Gate, the Jade Belt Bridge,the gate to imperial court,Screen Wall,side rooms,Dragon Pavilion, the relics of Chen arched gate of Northern Song’s imperial palace,the stele pavilion, north and east gate etc. relics of longevity palace complex of Qing Dynasty,Pan and Yang Lakes, spring garden,bonsai garden,the garden of plant modeling(so-called the unique of central plain) ,Long corridor and waterside pavilion.

2,The Garden of Riverside scene on Qingming Festival situated in the northwest of Kaifeng city,It was designed and built according to the huge Chinese painting scroll《Riverside Scene on Qingming Festival》drawn by Zhangzeduan,a famous painter in the Northern Song Dynasty,it is a huge-sized amusement park that collect and reshow the scenes of the folk custom of Northern Song Dynasty.Here tourists can experience  the Song Dynasty’s living customs by wearing  the traditional clothes and holding the money of Han Dynasty.

3, The Imperial Street of East Capital Situated in the northern section of Zhongshan road,it is a Song style high street built in 1988  to reshow the streetscape of imperial street of east capital ,it starts from Xinjiekou in the south and to the Wuchao Gate in the north, total  length is 400 meters.Strolling in the street,as if is crossing a hundreds of years long river of history, filled with endless imagination about the prosperious scenes of East Capital in the past.

4,The Memorial Temple to Lord Bao Situated beside the Lord Bao Lake,covers the area of about 1 hectare,the main displaying area consists of: the great hall,the secondary hall, east and west side halls,cloister ,stele pavilion,the main gate,the secondary gate etc.Articles on display contain: copper statue of Lord Bao,copper guillotine, wax statue of  Lord Bao in trial,historical materials on Lord Bao,stone stele of the Prefecture of Kaifeng, epigraph.The Memrial Temple looks grand and imposing with classical simplicity.

5,The Grand Xiangguo Monastery

The Grand Xiangguo Monastery is situated in the downtown of Kaifeng city,is a famous monastery with long history,it was established in the sixth of Tianbao years Northern Qi(555A.D).Its original name is”Jian’guo Monastery”,in the 1st of Yanhe years Tang Dynasty(712A.D), In order to commemorate Emperor  Lindan’s ascending the throne from the position of Xiangguo(the prime minister), so he himself renamed it “the Grand Xiangguo Monastery”.

6,The Iron Tower

The Iron Tower is also called”the Tower of Kaibao Temple”, situated in the Iron Tower Park  in the northeast of Kaifeng city,becsuse it is completely covered with brown glazed tile,looks just like in colour of iron in distance,so is called “iron tower”.

7,The Fan Tower

The Fan Tower is situated in the southeast of Kaifeng city,built in the 7th of Kaibao years(974A.D) Northern Song Dynasty.It is an hexagonal nine-story hollow pavilion style  resembling wooden brick tower, its original height is 80 meters.During the Yongle years,the part above the third layer was pulled down  and replaced by a six story spire,thus formed into the shape of “lower thick and upper tip”.The Fan Tower is the valuable materials of resarch on our country’s architecture,fine art and music .

8,  The Guildhall of Jin Shan Gan

Situated in the northeast section of Xufu street of Kaifeng city,is a gathering place that great merchants of Shanxi province in Qing Dynasty, jointly with those businessmen in Kaifeng from Shanxi and Gansu provinces raised funds to build in the forty first year of Kangxi reign(1776A.D). The guildhall now has been a precious historical relic ,its layout is ingenious,structure is rigorous,brick and wood carving are  exquisite.The whole architecture is right a piece of elegant artwork.

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