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Nanjing Road Walkway

Nanjing Road Walkway is located in the Huangpu district of Shanghai city, from Tibet middle road in the west to Henan middle road in the East, whose totall length is 1033 meters, with the width of 18-28 meters, and a total land area covers about 30000 square meters. It was completed on September 20, 1999.Nanjing Road has the asymmetrical arrangement, which takes the “gold belt” with the width of 4.2m as the main line and runs through the whole pedestrian street. The urban public facilities are centrally arranged on the “gold belt”, such as chairs, shopping kiosks, information kiosks, billboards, sculpture pieces, street lights, waste bins, telephone kiosks, etc., and 34 parterres with different shapes are also distributed there. The “gold belt” is 4.2 meters long, 1.3 meters away from the north of the central line; the touring way with the width of 7 meters is arranged on the south of the “gold belt”; two open drainage ditches with cover plates are respectively set 7.2m to the north and 8.4m to the south of the ridge line. The “gold belt” is in the sunshine, it is the rest space of tourists. The pedestrian areas on both sides are flat and open, without any obstacles, and lead directly to the shops. The “gold belt” is made of polished Indian red granite, which can reflect the light of the sun and neon lights so as to improve the overall lighting effect of the commercial street.

In the development of more than 100 years, Nanjing Road has created various styles of buildings, where the buildings are scattered, the building interface is uneven, and there is still a section of arcade due to the broadened road. The layout of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street adopts a board layout instead of the traditional cross-section form, cancels the up-and-down street edges, changes the original narrow walking space; the vertical section are adjusted according to the indoor elevation so as to ensure the indoor floor above the outdoor; the pavement structure can meet the slow-speed sightseeing bus, and also can have the sightseeing convoy of the important guests in China and abroad pass. In case of emergency, it can also be used as a rescue channel, and it can be set as blind path and barrier free facilities at the same time.

The greening design of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, through the combination of “points, lines and surfaces”, weakens the material texture of modern buildings and improves its ecological environment. “Dot”: namely, five giant camphor trees at the intersections of Guizhou Road, Jinhua Road, Zhejiang Road, Fujian Road and Henan road, which not only decorate the environment and create a sense of rhythm for the space of the pedestrian street, but also play a role in reminding the tourists of the intersections. At the same time, they solve the contradiction between trees, shop signs and neon advertisements on the street. “Line”: the trees on both sides of the street in the “golden belt” greening and walking area. 32 square parterres are arranged on the “golden belt” to plant flowers and grass of different seasons; 11 round parterres are planted with skeleton trees with tree age of more than 100 years; at the end of the “golden belt” at the intersections of Henan Road, Fujian Road and Zhejiang Road, 15 potted modeling trees are placed in five groups. 24 original sycamore trees are preserved in the pedestrian street. In addition, more than 60 potted osmanthus trees are planted on the section from Henan Road to Shanxi because that it is located in the position of the subway station and shallow soil for the covered roof. “Surface”: the green space in Century Square and Henan Road Square. The greening of century square highlights the theme of “bringing big trees into the city” and returning to nature. The centralized green space has the feature of steps. The streamlined granite strips divide the green space into three layers: high, medium and low. The highest part is planted with 50 camphor trees. The middle part is planted with such shrubs as boxwood and osmanthus trees. The lower part is the flower belt outlined by green vegetation and flowers. The greening of Henan Road square is a three-dimensional parterre, with green coral trees, grass and flowers for seasons, privets with yellow gold leaves from top to bottom, forming a clear landscape green space, and hiding the subway vents, entrances and exits among them.

Nanjing road is the most prosperous block in Shanghai, known as “First Commercial Street in China”, with more than 600 shops. The shopping mall group there is full of famous products. There are no fewer than hundreds of thousands of famous, special, excellent and new products, as well as imported famous brands. The products of several time-honored specialty stores are particularly famous. The night view of Nanjing road is particularly charming. Various lights make the sky bright and the street gorgeous so as to make the neon street a big landscape in Shanghai. Many overseas tourists praised that the lights here are no less than that in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok and any other downtown areas.

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