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Shanghai Jinmao Tower

Shanghai Jinmao Tower is located at No.88 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which is in the center of the financial and Trade Zone in Lujiazui. It is adjacent to Pudong New Area in the East, Shanghai and Huangpu River in the west, business and Trade Zone on Zhangyang Road in the south, and 100,000 square meters of the central green space in the north. This tower is one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai towards the 21st century. It is a super high-rise skyscraper with the perfect combination of Oriental Tower style and modern science and technology. Its height is second only to the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia and Sears Tower in Chicago of the United States. It is currently the first in China and the third in the world.

The tower was invested by Shanghai Foreign Trade Center Co., Ltd. of China and designed and scheduled by SOM design office, Chicago, USA, which was designed by Adrian Smith with the cooperation of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Co., Ltd. The designer combines the world architectural trend with the traditional Chinese architectural style. The vertical deviation of the whole building is only 2cm, which cannot fall withstanding the strong wind of M 12 and can resist the earthquake of M 7. Its outer wall is composed of large glass walls, reflecting the colors like silver or no silver, varying in dark and light for color. The glass is divided into two layers. There is a low-temperature conductive device in the middle, so the outside temperature will not affect the inside. The hall of the building adopts a round-arch door frame, and the wall surface adopts Mediterranean porous marble, which can play a sound insulation effect; the marble for ground is light but not bright, flat but not slippery. In the front hall, the eight copper murals epitomize the traditional Chinese calligraphy art. Through the evolution of Chinese characters, from Oracle Bone Inscriptions and Zhongding inscriptions to Seal, official, regular, Cursive scripts, that reflects the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization. The corridor leading to the banquet hall is an art corridor and reflects a kind of elegant quality and luxury style.

The tower looks up into the Oriental Pearl TV tower, is adjacent to the tunnel entrance of Yanan east road and connects with metro line 2. Its main building has 88 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground, and is 420.5 meters high, covering an area of 23,611 square meters, with a total construction area of 290,000 square meters. The tower is an intelligent high-grade building integrating multiple functions such as office, business, hotel, etc.. There the 3rd-50th floor is a spacious and bright pillar-free space that can accommodate more than 10,000 people to work at the same time; the 51st-52nd floor is used for the electromechanical equipment; the 53rd-87th floor is the world’s highest super five-star Jinmao Hyatt Hotel, among which in the core from the 56th floor to the top floor of the tower is a “air Atrium” with 27 meter diameter, 142 clear space meter, and sunlight passing through  glass and refracted by glass, surrounding which there are 555 guest rooms with different sizes and styles, various Chinese and Western restaurants, etc.; the 86th floor is the Entrepreneur Club; the 87th floor is the air restaurant; the 88th floor, 341 meters above the ground, is the highest sightseeing floor in China so far, which can accommodate more than 1,000 tourists. Two high-speed elevators with a speed of 9.1 meters / second take 45 seconds to deliver the tourists directly to the sightseeing floor from the first floor of the basement. Look around, overlook from distance and have a panoramic view of Shanghai.

The tower has created a new record of “High, Deep, New and Refined” in the field of super high-rise buildings at home and abroad. Its outstanding design and superior geographical location will make it one of the most attractive first -class buildings in Shanghai. It is one of symbols for reform and open and economic soar in China.

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