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Sheshan National Forest Park

Sheshan National Forest Park was established in June 1993 with the approval of the Ministry of forestry, which is located in Songjiang district, an ancient city in the western suburb of Shanghai. It covers an area of 401 hectares and is 30 kilometers away from the city center. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction, “national civilized Forest Park” and “the most influential Forest Park”.

The park is a mountainous terrain, where the peaks were formed in the late Mesozoic of 70 million years ago. It includes 12 peaks, such as Xiaokunshan, Hengyunshan, Xiaojishan, Tianmashan, Zhongjiashan, Chenshan, Xiyushan, Dongsheshan, Xueshan, Fenghuangshan, shegongshang and Beiganshan. The 12 peaks are of different shapes, all of which are below the altitude of 100 meters, winding for 13 kilometers from southwest to northeast.

Up to March 2013, the typical zonal forest vegetation there is the mixed forest of the evergreen broad-leaved forest and the evergreen deciduous broad-leaved forest, with 81.2%greening coverage rate. There are rich resources, including 104 species of lower plants and 788 species of higher plants, involving 216 families and 578 genera. There are 147 ancient and famous trees, such as camphor, Pterocarya and sawtooth oak, among which Ginkgo biloba are more than 700 years old in Tianma Mountain. According to relevant records, there are more than 250 kinds of resident and migratory birds on Jiufeng Mountain; there are more than 50 kinds and 5000 rare birds in the park.

In addition, Sheshan has been an internationally famous Catholic pilgrimage since the 1940s. The Cathedral of Notre Dame at the top of the mountain was built in 1925. After 10 years of construction, it became the “first Catholic Church” in the Far East. In 1985, another new Sheshan monastery was built. There are also an astronomical observatories and a seismic station built in 1990 at the top of the mountain for tourists to visit.

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