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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai, which started to be built on July 30, 1991 and was finished on October 1, 1994. It is 468 meters high, across the river from the World Architecture Expo Group on the Bund, and it is the world’s third tallest TV and radio tower and the first in Asia. Together with the Nanpu Bridge and the Yangpu Bridge on the left and right sides, it has become a symbol of Shanghai’s reform and opening up The imaginative designer made 11 spheres with different sizes and scattered heights connected from the blue sky to the green grass, while the two huge spheres like crystal ruby are highly held together, creating the artistic conception of “big or small beads falling on the jade plate”. It looks like a string of dropping bright pearls on Pudong—the jade plate to be caved. Under the sun, it is shining with light and becomes the new landmark building in Shanghai. In February 1994, the national chairman Jiang Zemin wrote “the Oriental Pearl TV Tower’ as its name.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is after the towers in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia. It chose the favorite circular curve of Oriental people as the basic building line.The main body of the tower is composed of three seven-meter wide slanting stanchions, three straight stanchions and 11 spheres, which form a huge space frame structure. In the stanchion, there are 6 elevators. Among them, one is a double-decker elevator with content of 50 people, and another is running between the upper sphere and the space capsule.What the tower can be visited by is as following: the lower sphere, the middle sphere and the ring corridor, the upper sphere and the space capsule, etc. The top of the lower ball is 118 meters high, with the sightseeing ring corridor and the dreamy space city, etc.; the top of the upper ball is 295 meters high, with the rotating tea room, restaurants and a sightseeing platform that can accommodate 1,600 people. There are 5 small balls between the upper and the lower spheres, which are 5 sets of high-altitude luxury hotels; the space capsule is for foreign visitors to visit. Under the control of computer, the light can be adjusted automatically according to the weather change and produce more than 1,000 kinds of changes. The lighting effect of the TV Tower is also amazing. It takes only 40 seconds to reach to the 263 meter high sightseeing ball by taking its lift.  Looking afar there, Shanghai is very much in view. The original buildings become now much smaller. In the winding Huangpu River come and go huge ships that run into the sea. The two bridges on each side, together with the Oriental Pearl in the middle, show a huge picture of two huge dragons soaring up on the Huangpu River. At night, under the decoration of colorful lights, the huge sphere is dazzling, with stars competing for brilliance, even more crystal clear. And the lighting buildings along Puxi Bund add radiance and beauty to each other, showing the charming night of modern metropolis.

The tower is integrated with the Pudong Park, which is extended to 155 thousand square meters. There are also two huge balls in the park, which are served as foil to by 15 balls with different sizes, so it is named “Oriental Pearl”. There are also entertainment center and business center nearby, which will be a large multi-functional tourist attraction in Pudong. It has become one of the “top ten new landscapes in Shanghai in the 1990s” and “top ten tourist attractions”.

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