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Grand Tang Lotus Garden

Great Tang Lotus Garden is located in Qujiang Development Zone in the south of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, Southeast of Giant Goose Pagoda. It is the first large-scale royal garden style cultural theme park in China to fully display the features of the Tang Dynasty. The garden covers an area of 1000 mu (66.7 hectares) and a water area of 300 mu (20 hectares).

The park is divided into several areas. The Great Tang Lotus Garden takes the Lotus Lake as the geographical center, with Ziyun tower, Luyu tea house, Fengming Jiutian theater and many other scenic spots around the lake. The whole park is divided into 12 cultural theme areas, which represent the splendid civilization of Tang Dynasty from the aspects of emperor, poetry, folk, diet, singing and dancing.

The night scene in the garden is also very bright. When night falls and the lights begin to shine, you can visit Tang culture corridor, Fanglin garden, Ziyun tower and other places with brilliant lights. Every place is attractive. The lotus garden in the Tang Dynasty is more elegant in the moonlight and light.

“The Tang style restaurant is a pleasant place for guests to come, and they salivate when they meet the delicacies. Drink wine according to water and flowers, free and easy. ” Royal banquet palace, located in the north of the west gate of the park, is the center of displaying the catering culture of Tang Dynasty. It is a large-scale theme catering area integrating delicious food, beautiful utensils, good wine and good music. It is equipped with a large-scale experiential catering banquet park with Tang culture as the packaging and party culture as the characteristics, royal royal royal banquet, middle and high-end group banquet, business banquet and party banquet. It also provides a buffet as the main form of dining place for tourists to meet the needs of tourists in all aspects.

The Great Tang Lotus Garden, with its extraordinary writing style of “attitude determines everything, thinking determines the way out, and details determine success or failure”, expresses the magnificent poems of “shock of Chinese people and surprise of the world”. Here is the world’s largest water curtain film in the park, which brings visitors a very shocking cultural experience. Here is a large-scale Dream Poetry dance drama “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty“, which is magnificent and dreamlike. Dongcang drum music, paper-cut, shadow puppet, lion dance and other precious intangible cultural heritage are also included in the daily performance system of Great Tang Lotus Garden, providing a platform for the continuous development and protection of these traditional arts.

It’s more convenient to visit the lotus garden in Ximen, so it’s suggested to enter the garden from Ximen (the main gate, also known as Yuyuan gate). After entering the park, follow the lakeside path and tour around lotus lake clockwise. In the evening, you can watch water curtain movies in Ziyunlou Square, north of the theater.

In 2010, Great Tang Lotus Garden trademark won the title of “China’s famous trademark” and became the first tourism trademark in Western China to win this award! On January 17, 2011, it was rated as national AAAAA tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration. In 2018 Northwest China Tourism Marketing Conference and tourism equipment exhibition, it was shortlisted in the list of “magic northwest 100 sceneries”. Every year, it attracts more than 2 million Chinese and foreign tourists to visit, who give the lotus garden the most amazing, shocking and beautiful praise.

With its unique charm and unparalleled historical position, Great Tang Lotus Garden has become the cultural hometown for Chinese descendants to seek their roots and pursue their dreams and the spiritual home to relive the prosperous times. It will take you into the only cultural journey of the prosperous Tang Dynasty in China.

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