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The Sand Lake

Located in Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Sand Lake (the ) tourist attraction is a national AAAAA level tourist attraction with natural landscape as the main body, sand, water, reed, bird and mountain as the five scenic sources. It is known as the “rare” cultural tourism resort.

The bed rock stratum of Sand Lake belongs to the Quaternary Holocene of the Cenozoic, and its geomorphic unit belongs to the lake beach of Yinchuan Plain (the dished depression of Xidatan). The central part of it is a lake. To the southern bank of the lake is mobile sand dune, to the east mainly saline alkali depression, and to west and north mainly farmland. The west of the reserve zone is adjacent to the Helan Mountain proluvial plain, which is high in the West and low in the East. The front edge of the proluvial plain is a low-lying area, that is, the second farm canal belongs to the West Beach from the East 1st branch canal to the East Bayi branch canal of the third drainage ditch. The land is dished and tilted to the North slightly, with a gradient of 1 / 5700. Due to the low-lying terrain, high groundwater level and large evaporation, it is mostly low-lying salinized wetland.

The magic of the  is also in the ingenious combination of sand and water. There is more water and less sand in the South while more sand and less water in the northwest. But in here, the lake is next to the sands, the sand and water are connected, and the north and the south are united. Because the  is located in a low-lying area, the monsoon constantly brings the dust from afar to here, forming such a large desert over time. Only by stepping on the rolling sand dunes can we truly appreciate its charm. When we walk barefoot on the soft sands, a soft, crispy and comfortable feeling spreads all over the body. The Jinsha of Sand Lake not only has the value of sightseeing, but also has many medical miracles. In summer, sunbathing on  Beach is a kind of enjoyment. Many elements useful to human body in sunlight are accumulated in Jinsha. Therefore, it can not only treat rheumatoid arthritis, but also supplement some microelements for human body, relax muscles and activate blood circulation, and relieve fatigue for people.

In early summer, the new reed in the lake is as lush as the bamboo forest, rustling in the breeze. In the Lotus Garden, lotus grow like green umbrella. In autumn, when the reed flowers bloom and the green is yellow, it’s a good time for fish and birds to gather. There are more than 130 kinds of birds in the . In the clean and cool lake water, dozens of fish grow all year round, not only common carp, silver carp, grass carp and crucian carp, but also Wuchang fish which is uncommon in the North China. The giant salamander (salamander) with a body length of 160 cm and a weight of more than 30 kg and the giant turtle with a body circumference of more than 1 meter also can be found from Sand Lake.

Based on the natural characteristics of Sand Lake, the developed and constructed scenic spots include amusement park, watchtower, lotus garden, aquarium, reed maze, mid-lake nest, western desert, yurt hotel, Xixia imperial travelling palace, sand boat, water slide, over-water parachute jumping, water motorcycle, sand slide, lake boating, natural bathing place, etc., with catering services, commerce and shopping. It has formed such directly participatory tourism projects as boating, fish watching, bird watching, fishing, swimming, sand sliding, water parachute, swimming, cableway riding, camel riding, horse racing and so on.

The international sand sculpture park officially opened on August 11, 2002. It is the venue  International Sand Sculpture Competitions. Sand sculpture experts from the United States, France, Russia and other countries compete together here. By 2018,  has successfully held many sand carving competitions. From March to May every year, Sand Lake will hold an International Bird Watching Festival. On the Bird Island inhabits 17 orders, 44 families, 178 species and more than 1.5 million birds, including white crane, Chinese autumn duck, white tailed sea eagle and other national rare protected birds. Every year, nearly 1 million migratory birds such as Swan, white stork and Heron migrate here to reproduce.

Sand Lake is a heaven paradise on the earth, as well as a nature-endowed wonder. The  has wonders all year round. In spring, the water is clear, the reed is green, the fish is singing and the birds are singing. In summer, the Sand Lake is covered with lotus leaves, and the sands are long. In autumn, the fish is fat, the crab is strong, and the reed is floating. In winter, the  is covered with ice and silver makeup. The beauty of Sand Lake lies in its unique reed swaying in the wind. On this vast lake, there are more than 286.7 hectares of reed distributed. The reed fluttering in the wind is like a beautiful maiden greeting the arrival of tourists from all over the world.

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