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China Dinosaur Park

China Dinosaur Park is located in the modern tourism and leisure area of the new area, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The first-phase investment of the park is 300 million RMB and it covers 500 mus. China Dinosaur Pare has taken shape after the construction for more than two years and formed four parts foundational areas for tourism and leisure, which have their own features and set off each other. Simultaneously, it creates a large-scale theme park in China with outstanding creative design, advanced technical means and novel artistic effects.

The appearance makes full use of the modern bionic architectural feature. Three dinosaurs raise their heads, like their whispering, among which the body of a large presents a freehand shape. The total area of the museum is more than 20000 square meters. The highest point of the dinosaur is 71 meters. Its highest part of the dome is 36 meters, which is unique in the history of domestic tourism architecture. With its grand momentum and unique architectural feature, the Chinese Dinosaur Museum has become a landmark of Changzhou tourism. In the West and south of the park and the east of dinosaur museum, more than 20 large and medium-sized amusement facilities, which are popular at home and abroad, have been reasonably arranged, named “Happy World”. The facilities makes tourists enjoy the amusement of the modern paradise while visiting the dinosaur museum, and makes full and necessary supplement to the static tourism form of the museum.

China Dinosaur Park is divided into three foundational areas: display, entertainment and scientific research. There are 36 dinosaur skeletons of different geologic ages, such as Yongchuan dinosaur, Mamenxi dinosaur, Shandong dinosaur, Barker dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, etc., among which the Chinese dinosaur fossil has become the treasure of dinosaur museum for its precious value of the academic research. The exhibition halls are connected with each other through logical routes, using high-tech sound, light, electricity, film and television imaging, cartoon animation, online games, scientific and technological production and other means, so that the Chinese Dinosaur Museum breaks through the traditional concept of “Museum”. The designer takes the biological evolution history as background, emphasizes the development procedures of the dinosaurs’ survival, reproduction, evolution and destruction, and further reveals the theme that human must protect ecology and environment. While, the use of simulation means, such as waterfall, rocks, sea, forest, caves and so on, makes the specific surviving environment for the ancient geologic ages reappear, and they form the specific artistic atmosphere for every exhibition hall.

In addition, in the park, there are more than 20 exciting and dynamic entertainment activities around the dinosaur museum, such as crossing the Jurassic period and three-dimensional maze in the Cretaceous period, magic caves of the Triassic period, exploring in dinosaur mountain, barren-beach rafting, dynamic three-dimensional films, high-altitude sliding rope, rocket man, super flying man, hot-air balloon lifting off, rock climbing simulation, couple cycling, rolling ball on grass slope, seismic disk, racetrack, parent-child Park, riding bike in water, etc.. These entertainment projects make the museum a modern new dinosaur museum integrating museum, science popularization, viewing, entertainment and dynamic participation, so that tourists can relax and forget to return.

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