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Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park, located in Huangzhu Keng, south of Hong Kong Island, China, covers an area of more than 91.5 hectares. It was opened on January 10, 1977. It is a world-class theme park integrating sea and land animals, mobile games and large-scale performances. It is also one of the most popular theme parks in the world with the highest number of visitors.

Built on the mountain, the park is divided into two major scenic spots, namely “mountain top paradise” and “seaside paradise”, which are connected by climbing cable car and ocean train. In 2012, the Hong Kong Ocean Park was awarded the “2012 applause Award” by the International Association of amusement parks and attractions (iaapa), becoming the first Asian theme park to receive this award.

Hong Kong Ocean Park has marine aquarium and theme amusement park. The park, with its back against the mountains and facing the sea, is a charming place that visitors like to visit most. Here you can not only see the interesting open-air amusement park and dolphin performance, but also the strange marine fish, the towering ocean skyscraper, the thrilling and exciting cross mine flying car and fast journey, which can be called the perfect combination of science popularization, sightseeing and entertainment.

Hong Kong Ocean Park is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with Deep Water Bay in the East, East Boliao Strait in the South and Big Tree Bay in the West. Covering an area of 870000 square meters, it is the largest marine park in Asia. Park buildings are distributed on Nanlang mountain and Huangzhu Keng valley. There is an aerial cable car between the two parks. Tourists only need to take a 1.4km cable car to travel between the two parks and form a complete park scenic spot. In the cable car, you can enjoy the seascape of deep water bay and shallow water bay. It includes eight areas: ocean world, Jigu village, LVYE garden, bird paradise, mountain mobile city, torrent world, water park, children’s Kingdom, etc. The park is divided into two parts: the upper part and the lower part, with aerial cable car communication. The lower part of the mountain is the water park, the first water amusement center in Asia; the upper part of the mountain is the main part of the ocean park, including the ocean hall, the ocean hall, the Ocean theater and the bird house.

The aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The water body is 22 meters wide, 38 meters long and 7 meters deep. It is divided into four layers. Visitors can visit it from the channel. According to the layout of coral reef, the museum is divided into deep lake and lagoon. The deep lake is designed according to the barrier reef, and the lagoon is modeled according to the edge reef. The two lakes are connected by sea water. There are more than 5000 Pacific Islands and South China Sea fishes in the museum, about 400 kinds of them, ranging from rock damselfish less than 2cm long to leopard shark with a length of 3M, as well as various reef fishes such as eel, angle fish, grouper, etc. The museum also has an exhibition of “coral and reefs” to introduce the formation of reefs.

Hong Kong Marine Park ranked 14th in the world, 5th in Asia and 1st in China. It has the largest marine aquarium and theme amusement park in Southeast Asia. Here you can not only see interesting open-air amusement parks, dolphin performances, sea lions, birds and other wonderful stunts, but also strange marine fish, towering sea skyscrapers, all kinds of thrilling and exciting motor amusement facilities, such as roller coasters, roller coasters, pirate ships, etc., as well as thrilling and exciting cross mine flying cars and fast trips, which are the most attractive place to tourists visiting Hong Kong.

In recent years, visiting Hong Kong has become a tourist hotspot. With the opening of the national policy, more and more mainland customers visit Hong Kong. In the first five months of 2017, the number of visitors to Hong Kong exceeded 16 million, up 15% from the same period last year. And Ocean Park has become a tourist attraction for all ages.

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