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Huaguoshan Mountain Scenic spot

Huaguoshan Mountain is located in the middle of Yuntai Mountain, the south of Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province. This scenic spot is rated as national key scenic attraction, national AAAA tourist spot, national geographic park, national civilized scenic spot, advanced units for construction in national civilized scenic spots, national Youth Civilization, advanced unit for comprehensive renovation of national key scenic spots, top ten scenic spots in China, gold Awards for 50 places most worthy of foreigners in China, national “Golden Week” tourism direct report point and national air quality forecast system point.

Huaguoshan Mountain is known by the famous works “Journey to the West” all the world. Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties successively built Temples and towers here, where there are many ancient buildings, historical sites, ancient stone carvings for thousands of years, and the traces and handwritings of literati in the past dynasties all over the mountain. Tracing back to Wanli 30th year of Ming dynasty, the king, named Zhu Yijun, authorized Sanyuan Palace of Huaguoshan Mountain as the temple in a famous mountain in the world. In Qing dynasty, the king, named Kang Xi, autographed for it with four characters “Yao Zhen Hong Liu” by himself, and they are engraved on Jade Maiden Peak of Huaguoshan Mountain, in order to express the respect for gods in Huaguoshan Moutain.

If you want to travel in Huaguoshan Mountain, it is suitable for all seasons, birds singing and fragrant flowers in spring, waterfalls flying down and rapid streams in summer, beautiful scenery like painting in autumn, and snow in winter. On sunny days, travelling in Huaguoshan Mountain and climbing the mountain to overlook, you can see the sunrise at the vast cloudy sea and be personally on the scene; on the rainy days, clouds, mountains and fog form a painting, and that makes you feel in a wonderland. In addition, rich natural sceneries and splendid historical cultures, exotic landscape features and colorful myths and legends, and the wonderful description for the famous classic works “Journey to the West” all make Huaguoshan Mountain full of a magic charm.

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