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Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake, the largest mountain dammed lake in China and the second largest in the world, is located in the main stream of Mudanjiang River, a tributary of Songhua River in the southwest of Ning’an City, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, China. It is 50 kilometers away from Ning’an City, with an altitude of 351 meters. The average depth of the lake is 40 meters. The highest water level is 353.65m and the lowest is 345.61m. The annual average flow is 9.2m3-10m3/s and the water storage is 1.625 billion m3. In addition to the Mudanjiang main stream, there are Dalishugou River, Erzhan Xigou River and other small rivers flowing into the lake. It is a famous tourist, summer resort and recuperation resort, a national civilized scenic spot, a national key scenic spot, an international eco-tourism resort and a world geopark.

The whole lake flows northeast. After flowing to zhangjialiangzi in the north of the lake, it flows to the northeast and flows into the waterfall pool. Manchu called this pool “faku”, which means “sea eye”. From here the lake flows into the Mudanjiang. Jingpo Lake is a volcanic lava barrier lake. At the outlet of the lake, there is a steep cliff composed of basalt. The lake water flows down from the top to the bottom, forming a Jingpo Lake Waterfall with a width of more than 30 meters and a drop of more than 20 meters, commonly known as “diaoshuilou”. Zhangguangcai Hill of Changbai Mountains meanders along the lake. The highest altitude is 930 meters and the lowest is 353 meters. The whole area is mountainous.

Jingpo Lake National scenic spot is composed of long lake scenic spot, volcanic crater original forest scenic spot and Bohai State Shangjing Longquan Fu site scenic spot. The overall planning area is 1726 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive scenic spot for scientific research, summer vacation, sightseeing, vacation and cultural exchange activities. It is mainly composed of lakes and mountains, geological wonders such as volcanic crater, underground lava tunnel, and historical and cultural landscape represented by the site of Bohai State in Tang Dynasty. Jingpo Lake was first approved as a national key scenic spot by the State Council in 1982, and was rated as a World Geopark by UNESCO in 2006 (with a planning area of 1400 square kilometers). In 2008, it was rated as one of China’s top ten leisure tourism resorts by the International Leisure Industry Association, the United Nations International Ecological Security Cooperation Organization and China international famous brand association. In 2010, it was rated as a national AAAAA tourist area by the National Tourism Administration.

As the largest mountain barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world, Jingpo Lake has clear water quality, rich aquatic products and delicious fish meat. The winter fishing festival is held in northern China. In the local history, the maximum winter fishing yield of a net was 430000 kg, setting a record for winter fishing in China.

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