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Laohu Tan Ocean Park

Dalian Laohu Tan (Tiger Beach) Ocean Park is located in the middle of the south coast of Dalian, a national scenic spot. It covers an area of 1.18 million square meters and has more than 4000 meters of coastline. In the park, blue sky, blue sea, green mountains and rocks, and harmonious landscape constitute a beautiful coastal scenery. It is famous for the world’s largest and China’s only exhibition hall for polar marine animals and polar experience, the largest large-scale marine biology Museum in Asia, the largest semi natural artificial bird cage — bird forest in China, the largest granite stone carving — tiger group sculpture, and the magic Ma Si-ji Root Carving Art Museum. It also has the longest large cross sea aerial ropeway in China, the largest tourist ship in the southern sea area of Dalian, a special film broadcasting place – four dimensional cinema, and thrilling Jurassic rapids exploration, happy theater, pirate ship, bungee jumping, speed drop and other entertainment facilities.

The Laohu Tan Ocean Park in Dalian is a beautiful scenery in Bincheng, receiving more than 2 million tourists from home and abroad every year. It has been criticized by the National Tourism Administration as an AAAA scenic spot and a famous Chinese tourism brand. It has passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems. Laohutan Ocean Park is a modern marine theme park which displays marine culture, highlights the characteristics of Bincheng, and integrates sightseeing, entertainment, science popularization, shopping and culture.

Dalian Tiger Beach four-dimensional cinema has a 150 seat four-dimensional film playing place. It uses the world’s most advanced four-dimensional film and television technology. Dalian Tiger Beach four-dimensional cinema uses all of today’s technology to interpret the four-dimensional film and television in an all-round way. From the visual point of view, it uses six large projectors to simultaneously show, forming a 31.4 m wide, 6 m high, 180 degree ring screen stereo image, creating a three-dimensional visual space leading the audience to feel themselves in the film. From the point of view of hearing, it precisely locates the sound producing part to the moving object, forming a real three-dimensional sense of space. From the perspective of sense of touch and smell, according to the plot of the film, it is equipped with special effects such as vibration, falling, slapping, wind blowing, rain making, smoke, smell, flash, bubble and other special effects to mobilize all the perception systems.

The aquarium is divided into one underground floor and two aboveground floors. The water in the whole pool circulates 24 hours. The water of Laohutan Ocean Park in Dalian is purified by professional water treatment system with high transparency. People can watch the living and living state of marine animals from different angles of underwater, water and high altitude. There are many marine animals in the museum, such as seals, seals, South American sea lions, California sea lions and African sea lions.

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