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Shapotou, the Sand Slope

Shapotou (The Sand Slope) is located in the southeast edge of Tengger Desert in the west of Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is a national AAAAA tourist attraction, a national desert ecological nature reserve, a global top 500 environmental protection unit, 20 famous national fitness landscapes, and a special award for scientific and technological progress. The scenic spot starts from erdaoshagou in the East, forest house in the south, toudaodun in the west, Tengger Desert in the north, and the Yellow River in the south. It is about 38 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. The altitude is 1300-1500 meters, with a total area of 4599.3 hectares, accounting for 3% of the total land area of Zhongwei city. It is one of the 20 key desertification control areas in China.

The terrain of the reserve is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, inclining from northwest to Southeast. Sand dunes are everywhere, and the terrain is uneven. It covers the red sandstone of the second or tertiary period, high flood plain terrace and alluvial proluvial plain. The desert in the reserve is formed by moving forward and accumulating the Tengger Desert. The thickness of the sand layer is generally 20-30 m, and the maximum thickness is 50 m. Most of them are ridge dune, crescent dune chain, crescent dune and lattice crescent dune, which constitute the typical aeolian landform.

In the vast desert, an artificial oasis suddenly appears in front of you. There are blue sky, white clouds, yellow sand and clear water. Here, in spring, flowers bloom, in summer and autumn, fruit fragrance. There is an endless stream of tourists throughout the year. Riding a camel over a sand beam, you can enjoy the strange scenery of the desert; taking a sheep skin raft and going down the river in the rapid flow, the thrilling feeling will leave a lifelong unforgettable impression on every tourist. On a sunny day, when you climb the high sand dunes and slide down with the quicksand, a huge roar is heard in your ears – this is the world-famous wonders of the sandhill bell.

Shapotou set desert, Yellow River, mountains, oases as a place, with the magnificent northwest scenery, and beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. There are the largest natural sand sliding ground in China, the “first rope of the Yellow River in the world” across the Yellow River, the ancient waterwheel representing the Yellow River culture, the oldest transport vehicle on the Yellow River, and the mirage rarely seen in the desert. You can ride a camel across the Tengger Desert, you can take a SUV to surf in the sand sea, and you can enjoy the wonders of desert smoke and sunset on a long river.

On top of the big sand dunes, you can see the view platform of Wangwei, where you can see the scenery of the opposite mountain oasis and Yellow River desert, which is very spectacular. This is a great place to take pictures. Shapotou scenery is divided into Yellow River area and desert area. This is the way to play in the Yellow River area. In the desert area, you can travel in Tengger Desert and experience the vastness of the desert in Xiong. All kinds of desert entertainment are cheaper. You can camp and watch stars at night.

The length of the sand slope is 100 meters and the slope is 60 degrees. When the weather is clear, the temperature rises, and people slide down from the sand slope, the sand slope will emit a kind of “hum – hum -” roar, just like a golden bell, melodious and magnificent. Therefore, it is known as “the bell of sand slope” and is one of the four major sounding sands in China. Standing at the bottom of the sand slope and looking up, you can see that the sand mountain is like a waterfall, and people riding the sand flow are like falling from the sky. The so-called “100 meter sand slope is as steep as vertical, and the bell under the sand is praised by the world. The tourists glide down from above and fight with each other, while those who dance in the water cause clear ripples. ” It is the portrayal of this landscape.

The main protected objects of Shapotou are natural desert landscape, natural sandy vegetation, achievements of sand control research, wildlife, ancient Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, Shapotou bell and other cultural landscapes and natural complexes. Shapotou was selected into the list of “100 wonders of Northwest China” in 2018 northwest tourism marketing conference and tourism equipment exhibition. At the 2018 China Yellow River Tourism Conference, it was rated as “50 scenes of China’s Yellow River”. The best leisure tourism destination of China National Tourism in 2018.

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