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Sun Island

Sun Island Scenic Spot is located on the North Bank of Songhua River in Harbin City, across the river is the Stalin Park. It is a famous summer resort at home and abroad. The natural scenery of Sun Island is very beautiful. The whole island is surrounded by clear water. The trees on the island are verdant and the environment is beautiful and quiet.

Sun Island and nearby islands and sandbars constitute the Sun Island Scenic Area, which is a resort for sightseeing and summer resort. There are more than 20 scenic spots on the island, such as water pavilion, cranes, mother and child deer, weeping willows on the long dam. In the tourist area, there are dozens of characteristic landscapes, such as Taiyang mountain, Taiyang lake, lotus lake, sister bridge, pavilion bridge, Baiyu bridge, Shangwu Bridge, Shuige cloud sky, children’s paradise, Dingxiang garden, flower garden, Taiyang Island Zhishi, Jinjiang corridor, and riverside scenic line, which add infinite to people Imagine.

Sun Island is full of artificial and natural scenery. There are more than 20 scenic spots such as cranes, mother and child deer, which make people dazzled. The sun lake is clear and has ripples. The water pavilion stands in the water. The boat is floating, and the dancing of weeping willows is graceful. In the east of the lake, there is a beautiful waterfowl lake in the west of the lake. The bridge connecting the lake connects the three lakes. The water pavilion, with its unique design, is located among the green pines and willows and suspended above the lake. Looking up, there are white clouds and fish swimming in the pond; the clear spring waterfall of Taiyang mountain is full of grotesque rocks, with willows on the north side and the pine corridor on the west side. The Golden Rooster stands on the towering flood control wall, with round Pavilion, Square Pavilion and fan Pavilion. The corridor is tortuous, and the sea is wide and the river is surging.

Sun Island has water on the island, there are pavilions on the water, you have a lake, there are mountains by the lake, there are pavilions on the mountain. Sun Island Park is the most important scenic spot on the sun island. This is the best place for cultural entertainment and rest. There are Taiyangdao lake, Taiyangdao mountain, Shuige, waterfalls and other landscapes in the park. There are also 8 entertainment districts, including cultural entertainment, children, games, sports facilities, Friendship Park and youth home, covering an area of 115 hectares.

The landscape of the park is composed of artificial lakes and rockeries. It is called sun lake and sun mountain. Taking Taiyang Lake as the center, five lakes are built. There are sister bridge, pavilion bridge and Baiyu bridge on the lake. The triangular sun Pavilion on the top of the mountain is the tallest building on the mountain. In the sun mountain, there is a three fold waterfall, the pure water curtain hanging in the middle of the mountain, the sound of splashing can be heard from afar.

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