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Suzhou Amusement Land

Suzhou Amusement Land was originally located in Shizhan Plate of High-Tech district, Suzhou city, and now it is on southeast of Dayangshan National Forest Park, which is built by Suzhou Hi Tech Co., Ltd with funds, a completely new generation of forest- themed leisure and entertainment destination. The upgraded Suzhou Amusement Land focuses on the forest-themed systematic tourist plate, which includes completely new forest world, forest water world, Water Park for constant temperature in all seasons and Ever-Joy Resort Hotel, and it is devoted to building a forest-themed leisure and entertainment destination – Forest resort of Suzhou Amusement Land. 

Water world, the first-phase project, covers 8 acres, located on the south of Shizi Mountain. Its main body is water world for Suzhou Amusement Land, and it is invested with RMB 60 million yuan and built by Suzhou New Area Economic Development Group Corporation. The main items include elevated combination slide, wave-made pool, playing pool and drifting River, etc. It has the features of the largest investment scale and the most complete projects, and it is the modern water playground with the most advanced equipment.

The happy world (outdoor base of Oriental TV station), the main part of the project, is located on east of Shizi Mountain, covers 54 acres, and is mainly managed by Suzhou Amusement Land Development Co., Ltd. Suzhou Amusement Land Development Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture. The happy world takes Oriental Disney as the theme, which composes of the liveliness, cheerfulness and magnificence of western amusement parks and the leisure, quiet and natural characteristics of oriental gardens. The whole park is divided into different areas, such as Sudi square, Shiquan Park, European and American towns, children’s world, Scottish manor, Venice water town, future world, Hawaii harbor, hundred-lion Garden, etc. And a big batch of High-Tech amusement equipment are imported from abroad, such as UFO exploration, spaceship, space war, space adventure, high-altitude ejection, Hawaiian wave, flying island and suspended roller coaster, etc. That all makes it become a modern amusement paradise, with a blend of the modern high-tech equipment, European and American towns and beautiful natural scenery, and makes the tourists indulge in pleasures without stop.

Relying on the superior ecological environment of Dayang Mountain National Forest Park and the classic brand of Suzhou Amusement Land for more than 20 years, Suzhou Amusement Land forest resort takes forest as the theme, ecology as the concept and tourism as the main body, creatively integrates forest ecology and theme recreation, forest scene and scene commerce, living mode and entertainment and leisure, and creates a better life in the city.

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