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Taibai Mountain

Taibai mountain lies in Meixian County, Taibai county and Zhouzhi County of Xi’an. Because the mountain top is covered with snow all the year round, the white light is reflected everywhere, so it is called Taibai. It is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, which runs through Shaanxi Province, with an altitude of 3767 meters, and is also the highest peak of the Qinling Mountains.

Taibai mountain batholith is composed of granite, with baxiantai as the center, distributed in 900 square kilometers. The main outcrops in baxiantai area are amphibole granite with slight metamorphism, granite with gneissic structure and biotite granite. This large-scale granite block is mainly formed by the continuous upward invasion of underground acidic magma during the geological tectonic movement, and finally gradually condensed. The batholith is not formed in a short time, but has gone through a long time and complex changes.

The scenery of Taibai Mountain, from the north slope to the south slope, can be summarized as eight sceneries: Red River and cliff, majestic pass, ancient maple, curved river of Taochuan River, magical Doumu peak, Ping’an cloud sea, Taibai pearl and Baxian peak. Doumu peak refers to the Shizhu mountain in Doumu palace, especially in mailuoshi, Wutai, yiduqiang, wangxiangtai, etc. the granite gneiss stands erect and various, which can be called a wonder. Ping’an cloud sea refers to the sea of clouds standing at the Ping’an temple at an altitude of 2790 meters. Here, above the clouds, some of them flutter like brocade, some flutter like gauze, some rush like rivers, some surge like sea tide.

There are rare ancient buildings in the history of architecture in Taibai Mountain, such as Shapo temple, Jiaolong temple, heihuguan temple, Songping temple, Zhongshan temple, main hall, Doumu palace, Ping’an temple, Mingxin temple, Fangyang temple, Wengong temple, Sanguan temple, Yaowang temple, Lianhua temple, Taibai temple, etc. The temples above Doumu Palace are mostly made of iron tiles, and the statues are mostly made of iron or wood. The climate on the top of the mountain is very cold. The iceberg and snow peak do not melt in the four seasons. The sky stands up and the white light radiates everywhere. It is very spectacular.

If you want to climb Taibai Mountain, you can enter the mountain from Yingtou, Meixian County in the north, go up to xiangshuishi, and then to Jiaolong Temple (because there are many black headed snakes here, so it is named). Then go up to heihuguan, then to Haoping temple, then to liujiaya, and southward to Zhongshan temple. Then southwest to the next Baiyun, and from Taibai County Yingge Township chaihushan village climbing route.

In recent years, Taibai Mountain tourism area takes the creation of national 5A level tourist attraction and international tourist resort as the engine. According to the general idea of “showing mountains, dew, and strengthening the area”, it focuses on promoting the “five-year ten billion investment revitalization plan” and vigorously creates the Taibai Mountain Tourism Development pattern. Driven by a series of practical measures, such as planning guidance, project support, innovation power, scientific co-ordination, and comprehensive improvement, it is like riding on a fast and fast train, experiencing the ups and downs of the market, continuously growing and leaping over the years.

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