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The Birth Place of Emperor Huang

The Native Place of Emperor Huang has been proved by a great deal of historical record and relics to be located at the Xuanyuan mound near the north pass of Xinzheng city——Emperor Huang’s birthplace. It was firstly built in the Han and Wei Dynasty and rebuilt in successive Dynasties,in the main hall there is a sitting statue of Emperor huang in his middle age.On the walls around hall,there are murals that describes his achievements and virtues, on the both sides of Emperor Huang, his queen Leizu and concubines Momu were worshipped.Today, incenses keep burning all through the year ,pilgrims who seek their roots come here in endless stream. It has been the main place that the descendants of Emperor Yan and Huang worship their ancestor.

Xinzheng city, Henan province was the state of Youxiong’s in ancient time, Emperor Huang was born at the Xuanyuan mound and chose the Youxiong’s state as their capital.He unified all the states and founded the Chinese country,created the Chinese civilization,he was frugal of things and kind to folks,so was honoured as “The earliest ancestor of Chinese humanity”.Zhuangzi said: “Among celebrities in the world,Emperor Huang is the toppest.” Today the native place of Emperor Huang has been the holy land that the descendants of Emperor Yan and Huang seek their roots and worship their ancestor, it was rated  as the National  AAA Class  tourist area.In 2000,was announced as the Henan Province Cultural Heritage Conservation Board and one of ten top scenic spots of Zhengzhou city.

The birth place of Emperor Huang scenic area is located in the Xuanyuan road of Xinzheng city,covers the area of over 100 mu.The Memorial Temple to  Emperor Huang was firstly built in the Han Dynasty, later was destroyed, and was rebuilt in Ming and Qing Dynasty.In the 54th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi(1751),Xinzheng county magistrate Xuchaozhu set up a monument of “The birth place of Emperor Xuanyuan ”.To carry forward the chinese traditional culture and commemorate the ancestor’s achievements,in recent years, Xinzheng city government has extended and rebuilt the birth place of Emperor Huang.

The extended birth place of Emperor Huang is divided into 5 parts :square area,memorial temple area,the altar with tripod area,the art area and the Xuanyuan mound area.The square before the Memorial Temple is shaded with Chinese scholar and ginkgo trees,dozens of thousand-years jujube and ginkgo trees are with Luxuriant branches and leaves and with the feeling of mystery,the tondino of heaven and earth stands in the middle of the way,the monument of Emperor Xuanyuan stands on the right hand of the memorial temple,the Ji river flows gurgling under the Xuanyuan bridge.The Memorial Temple consists of the front gate,the main hall,the east and west side halls, in the center of the main hall,the sitting statue of Emperor Xuanyuan in his middle age is worshipped,in the two side halls,there is a statue of queen Leizu and a statue of concubine Momu individually.Behind the Memorial Temple,there was built an altar with 9 tripods stand on the top of it. The tripod of Emperor Huang stands in the center, its height is 6.99 meters, diameter is 4.7 meters, weight is 24 tons, it deserves to be called “The first tripod in the world”,the others are the love tripod,the longevity tripod,the fortune tripod,the career tripod,the safety tripod,the harvest tripod,the wisdom tripod,the descendant tripod,these tripods are individually laid on the position set according to the Eight Diagrams.In front of the altar there is a bluestone-paved path inscribed with ten thousands years’ historical stories,on the both sides of the altar stand the jade totem-poles of 56 nationalities,around the altar,there are cloister hanging couplets that contemporary celebrities sang high praise for Emperor Huang’s achievements.On the north of the altar is the former site of Xuanyuan mound,inside the high mound was built an earth-covered construction-the memorial hall of Emperor Xuanyuan,which shows Emperor Huang‘s heroic deeds in the form of rock painting,wall painting,sculpture,light etc. with a lot of traditional cultural elements. On one side of Xuanyuan mound,there is a folk custom cultural theme park–the Emperor Huang’s cultural and art Park,presenting the historic footmark during the transition period from primitive tribes to agricultural cultivation Period.

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