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The Wudalianchi /Five Linked Great Lake Scenic Spot

The Wudalianchi Scenic Spot: a national AAAAA tourist attraction, a World Geopark, a world man and Biosphere Reserve, an international green list, a national key scenic spot, a National Nature Reserve, a National Forest Park, a national natural heritage, a town of mineral water in China, and a famous volcano town in China. The Holy Water Festival there is a national intangible cultural heritage.

Wudalianchi scenic spot is located in Wudalianchi City, Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, 18 kilometers away from Wudalianchi city. It is located in the transition zone from Xiaoxing’an Mountains to Songnen Plain, with a total area of 1060 square kilometers, including 321000 mu of forest land, 57300 mu of grassland and 150000 mu of wetland. From 1719 to 1721, volcanic eruption blocked the Baihe River channel, forming five interconnected lakes, hence the name Wudalianchi, which in English means The Five Linked Great Lakes.

Wudalianchi scenic spot is composed of Wudalianchi Lake area: Lianhua Lake, Yanshan lake, Bailong lake, Heming lake and Ruyi lake, as well as geological landscape, related cultural landscape, vegetation and waterscape of surrounding volcanic groups.

Lianhua Lake is the first lake in Wudalianchi, also known as touchi. It is the only natural lake with water lily in Wudalianchi. It has the smallest area among the five lakes, with an area of 0.117-0.187 square kilometers and a water depth of 1.3 or 2-4 meters. The bottom of the lake is volcanic lava. The average water depth is 2 to 4 meters. Its scenery has its own characteristics: first, the summer water lily in the lake; second, the turbulent overflow in winter, which is also a great spectacle in the northern part of the alpine region. Here, water turns to rocks, volcanic lava reefs and water set off each other.

Yanshan lake, with an area of 2.544-7.500 square kilometers and a water depth of 4.2 or 7-10 meters, has volcanic lava at the bottom. Erchi is a famous natural farm. It is called “Yanshan Lake” because it is closely surrounded by the ancient island of Yanshan period. It has three characteristics: one is the most ideal water surface to see the morning glow in the five pools; the second is that in summer and autumn, the morning mist is like a hot spring, and the average water temperature can reach 30 ℃; third, this is the water area where has most bighead carps.

Bailong lake covers an area of 21.5 square kilometers in wet season, with the deepest depth of more than 36 meters. The bottom of the lake is made up of lava and sand. The open water reflects 14 volcanoes and the scenery is very beautiful. There are many legends and landscapes in sanchizi. In summer, “reflection of mountains” and “ice breaking” in winter. Bailong lake is a folk “legendary Lake”: there are the mystery of lake monster, the mystery of underground river, the mystery of ice breaking, the mystery of Jinsha at the bottom of the lake, the legend of black dragon and white dragon, the story of clam City, and the myth of Lianchi fairy.

Heming lake, Heming lake is located in the middle of the reed pond, with the back of the world wonders jet cone dish, facing the ancient stone pond lake, with a depth of 3-5 meters. Its water surface is famous for its crane and quiet environment. There are two 50 meters wide aquatic plant belt in the lake, where cattail, reed, water chestnut and other emergent plants are very dense. The bottom of the water is volcanic sand, the pool is rich in fish, rich in crucian carp, interested tourists can fish in the boat. The lakeshore of Sichi lake is overgrown with aquatic plants. The wild water birds, white crane and Red Crowned Crane, often live in pairs to build nests and lay eggs. It is a rare summer camping area. When visitors sit quietly on the ancient stone pond by the opposite lake, smelling the thick grass fragrance and listening to the calls of cranes from far and near, they will surely fall in love with this volcanic paradise and beautiful crane hometown.

Ruyi lake has a water area of 15 square kilometers and a water depth of 4-6 meters. Standing on the Heilong mountain, it looks like a “jade Ruyi”. It is the source of Wudalianchi water system. However, there are no rivers flowing in here, and there are no streams and springs. This is also the wonder of Wudalianchi. Lakeshore beach is the most ideal natural bathing place.

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