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The Yellow River Tourist Area

The Yellow River Tourist Area began to be built  in 1970’s on the barren mountain on the south  shore of the Yellow River, in the mid period of 1980’s, it began to take shape ,and in the following years, it  became not only an important tourist area of Zhengzhou city , but also a  famous place of interest  of  the country.

The Yellow River Tourist Area is 30 km to the northwest of Zhengzhou city, the Yellow River is on the north of it and the Yue Mountain is on the south.The area is 5.5 km long from east to west and 5 km wide from north to south. Spending 18 springs and autumns ,the builder succeeded in planting 200 kinds, 600 thousands of trees on 6000 mu barren mountain, having made the large area of mountain green and beautiful, being evergreen throughtout the year, blooming during three seasons, having fruits during two seasons, based on this, a series of construction on garden landscape has been done, and today, these trees make pleasant shade here, flowers bloom like beautiful brocade,the winding path leads to the secluded place,the green sea was dotted with pavilions, terraces and towers. Strolling in the lushing trees and vegetations, viewing and admiring the majestic appearance of Yellow River,tourists can feel completely free,relaxed and happy.

The Yellow River rushes out of the last canyon from here and begins to flow on the open and wide plain ,thus comes into being a suspended river, so viewing and admiring the Yellow River from here,you will have different feelings from other places. Looking back to the south,is “The Five Dragon Peak”, the center of the whole tourist area.Here are some classical pavilions,terraces and towers dotting the rolling  mountains .At the foot of it ,in the  middle  of a quincunx pool sits a white marble statue of woman,carrying a baby in her arms, who looks mild and kindly, simple but elegant. The statue is named “Breast Feeding”, resembling that the Yellow River feeds and nurtures the Chinese People,just like mother feeds and nurtures her baby.On the top of the Camel Peak in the east tip of the Camel Ridge scenic area on both sides of the Five Dragon Peak,stands the statue of Dayu – the legendary  hero of flood control.The statue is 10 meters high and weighs 150 tons, Dayu wears straw hat and raincoat ,with a spade in hands and with firm and persistent expression on face,he is observing the Yellow River flowing at his feet, as if he will set out for his mission at any time.

In order to further promote the culture of the Yellow River, inspire the national spirit, in the tourist area, on the shore of the Yellow River, will build a 10 thousand square meters’ exhibition  hall confirming to the terrain of mountain to display the history of the  culture. of the Yellow River and the history of the Chinese People’s development.

The Yellow River Tourist Area mainly consists of six scenic areas:

1,The Five Dragon Peak Scenic Area: This is the center of the tourist area,on the hillside up and down, among the green pines and verdant cypresses,were properly dotted some classic–style pavilions, terraces and towers.In the flat ground at the foot of the mountain,  in the middle of the scenic area,there is a five meter’s  white marble statue of mother river named “Breast Feeding”.

2,The Yue Mountain Temple scenic area: The main scenic spots here consists of purple gold pavilion, iron chain bridge,peony garden, monthly rose garden, botanical garden etc. The purple gold pavilion has three storeys, is 32 meters high, on the top of it, there is a large bell ,and it  is a good place to watch the sunrise above the Yellow River.

3,The Camel Ridge scenic area: On the both sides of the Five Dragon Peak,the main scenic spot is the statue of Dayu which is 10 meters high  and weighs 150 tons,

4,The Two Castles of Han King and Overlord scenic spot: The main scenic spots here consists of the peach blossom valley ,the castle of Han King and the castle of Overlord (when  in 203 A.D,  the Han King Liubang and Xiangyu, the Overlord of Western Chu  confronted  each other , they built fortification of Guangwu in this place ) and the large  iron statue named “The Steed Neighing ”.

5, The Park of the Miniature Landscape of the Yellow River: located 23 km to the northwest of Zhengzhou city, is a large modernization theme park that takes the culture of the Yellow River as its  background,takes the humanity and culture landscape of the Yellow River basin as its showing form , combines the art of architecture  with  the  high and new technology  into one.

6,Taking a 3.7 kilometer’s miniature of the Yellow River as its central axis, the Park of the  Miniature Landscape of the Yellow River is divided into the area of history and culture and the area of high-tech amusement. The area of history and culture consists of 19 humanity and culture landscape spots of the Yellow River basin such as: the Tai Mountain, the Dragon Pavilion,the White Horse Temple,the Shaolin Temple, the Longmen Grottoes, the Great Wall, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda etc.

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