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Xizi Bay

Xizi Bay Scenic Area is located in the west of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province, with Wanshou mountain in the north, Kaohsiung harbor in the South and Qijin Peninsula in the south. It is famous for its clean yellow sand beach, blue bathing beach, charming sunset scenery and natural reefs. The mountains and the sea stand against the busy traffic of foreign ships entering and leaving Kaohsiung harbor, which can be described as the most characteristic scenic spot of harbor city. It is about 20 minutes’ drive from Downtown Kaohsiung. It was originally a bay Bay resort famous for its bathing beaches and natural coral reefs. In 1980, Sun Yat sen University, the only coastal University in Taiwan, was established here, adding a little bit of cultural flavor to Xizi Bay.

In the early Qing Dynasty, Xizi Bay was called Yanglu Bay and Yangzi Bay. Xizi Bay is adjacent to Wanshou mountain in the north, facing Qijin Peninsula across Kaohsiung harbor in the south. It is about 20 minutes’ drive from the city center. It was originally a bay Bay Bay famous for its bathing beach and natural coral reefs. After being developed by the Kaohsiung Municipal government, it has become a perfect scenic spot. On the south side of Xizi Bay, facing Qijin island across the Strait, is a bay Bay with natural scenery. The northernmost point is adjacent to Wanshou mountain. It is a bathing beach composed of flat beach and shallow sand, and a bay famous for its beautiful sunset scenery and natural reefs.

In addition to National Sun Yat sen University, xiziwan scenic area also includes bathing beach, seaside park and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. From the parking lot at the entrance of Xizi Bay, you can overlook Kaohsiung harbor, from which you can get to the entrance vehicle management station of Sun Yat sen University. Beside the station, there is a winding mountain road leading to the eighteen princes temple and the historical relics exhibition hall. Xiziwan bathing beach is full of tropical flavor. Towering green coconut trees and white sand beach set in the west at sunset. Lying under the trees and enjoying the cool wind blowing slowly, it is a paradise for the citizens of Kaohsiung.

Xizi Bay is famous for its beautiful sunset scenery and natural reefs. The setting sun here is one of the Eight Sights in Kaohsiung. When the night is low, the fishing boat lights are flashing, and under the light of the sunset, the sea is decorated with beautiful scenery of the same color of the sea and the sky. It is often seen that a couple of lovers express their feelings here, which is a good place for dating.

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