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Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is located in Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the people’s Republic of China. It covers an area of 126 hectares. It was officially opened on September 12, 2005. It is a Hong Kong International Theme Park Co., Ltd. jointly operated by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative region and Walt Disney Company. It is the fifth Disneyland in the world, the second in Asia and the first in China. The park is divided into seven theme parks: American town street, adventure world, fantasy world, tomorrow world, Toy Story base camp, grizzly Valley and lost manor. Grizzly Valley and lost manor are unique in the world. There are theme amusement facilities, entertainment performances, interactive experience, catering services, commodity shops and small food kiosks in the park. In addition, every night, the park will present a tour show and fireworks show.

The expectant Hong Kong Disneyland opened on September 12, 2005, becoming the second Disneyland in Asia after Japan and the first one in China. The park is located in bamboo pole Bay on Lantau Island, which was originally an ocean. After the castle spire was successfully installed, the construction project entered a new stage.

Flowers from all over the world have been transplanted into the garden. “Visitors entering the park will be attracted by beautiful flowers. We carefully investigate and select varieties of flowers and trees from all over the world, and then transplant them to Hong Kong,” said Chen Jingkao, vice president of city affairs and sales of Hong Kong Disneyland. Especially in “Adventure Park”, visitors will have the opportunity to meet Disney characters. There are many pavilions, which are suitable for family gatherings.

Condor once told the media that when designing the natural landscape of Hong Kong Disneyland, he referred to the principles of Chinese landscape design with a history of thousands of years, which will make Hong Kong different from other Disneyland. Not only that, Hong Kong Disneyland pays attention to the theory of Fengshui whether it is the choice of location or the setting of the entrance to the Disneyland in the future. Every street, shop or restaurant in the park, as well as the stove and cash register are carefully calculated. Another feature of Hong Kong Disneyland is to hold various activities in conjunction with Chinese festivals, such as the Lunar New Year and the Mid Autumn Festival. The combination of Chinese and Western cultures will certainly bring different experiences.

When you walk into the streets of small towns in the United States, you will not only slow down your pace, but also enjoy the fragrance of waffles and sweets. You will also be intoxicated by the soft atmosphere under the streetlights. In the street, not only are there all kinds of shops and restaurants, but also the focus of silver band performance and tour performance. Here, the American atmosphere of the early twentieth century is everywhere. Visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland will begin their journey on the streets of small American towns. American town street is designed according to the typical American town, full of nostalgic color, showing the era when gas lamps are being replaced by electric lamps and cars instead of carriages. These nostalgic designs take visitors to the Magic Kingdom and let them experience different worlds in the park. There will be Chinese restaurants in the square, which can accommodate more than 300 people.

Fantasy land: fantasy world is a theme full of joy, beyond time and space imagination and fascinating. Inside the walls of fairy tale castle, there is a wonderful world. Here, everyone lives a happy life. You can also play unlimited imagination and break through the consistent restrictions, so that childhood dreams can be turned into reality. Across the drawbridge in front of the castle, you will enter a garden full of happy atmosphere. At that time, the classic story of childhood will be vividly displayed. Visitors to fantasy world will start their journey at Sleeping Princess Castle. Tourists can find their favorite Disney characters as if they are in a Disney Story: they can spin in a coffee cup, or meet with various lovely Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, the Snow White and Mickey Mouse. The central symbol of fantasy world will be a new and unique fantasy garden, which is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Adventure Land: The Adventure World evokes the courage in everyone’s heart and inspires us to explore the wilderness. Along the winding and closed River into the forest, there are mysterious, wonderful and unexpected things everywhere. The adventure world allows visitors to experience the journey of a primeval forest in Asia and Africa. At the same time, the adventure world also displays a variety of rare flowers in one exhibition. Visitors can take part in the green forest torrent tour in the park and explore other breathtaking attractions, such as the whole island with the title of King of The Jungle. The adventure world has one of the largest indoor theaters dedicated to Disney live entertainment.

Tomorrow land: since ancient times, people have always loved looking up at the sky, imagining the unreachable boundaries of the universe, and exploring the mysteries of the unknown. In tomorrow’s world, this dream is the origin of Disney’s fantasy adventure. Tomorrow’ Land will be a place full of sci-fi fantasy and fantasy of shuttling through space. The new design and feeling of tomorrow world in Hong Kong Disneyland is quite different from other theme parks. Walt Disney fantasy project will create the whole park into a star river space port dedicated to exploring space adventures and experiences. Each attraction, shop and restaurant is decorated with robots, spaceships, floating stars and space buoys, which will become part of the space port. Tourists can experience space-time journey in the “Space Mountain” or take flying saucers to shuttle through the space attractions of the “orbiting disk”.

Hong Kong Disneyland Park covers an area of 126 hectares and is the fifth Disneyland in the world.

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