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Kenting is located in Pingdong County, Taiwan Province, facing the Pacific Ocean in the East, Taiwan Strait in the west, and bus Strait in the south. The name of Kenting is said to be that in the Qing Dynasty, a group of young men (ding) came from the mainland to reclaim (ken) in the southernmost part of Taiwan, which was called “Kenting” by later generations. The geology is dominated by coral reefs. Under the terrain surrounded by mountains in the north of the sea on three sides, plus the sea wind blowing for half a year, the special landform of Kenting is formed. The landscape here is diverse, including sand beach, shell, stalactite cave, rare plants in the tropical rainforest, a variety of insects and butterflies, as well as half a year of migratory birds.

Kenting Park, located at the south end of Hengchun Peninsula, has unique climate and geographical conditions, which makes it different from other areas of Taiwan Island. No matter the geology, animal and plant ecology, marine resources and cultural features, there are places worth watching. In 1984, Kenting Park was officially established. It is not only the first park in the island, but also the only one covering the sea area so far.

Kenting park has a tropical climate and its geology is dominated by coral reefs. Near maonose, Longkeng and erluanbi, there are developed coral reef landforms such as podium reef, sea cliff and sea erosion ditch; the sand accumulated in the Bay contains a lot of shell sand; while Kenting forest recreation area, sheding natural park and erluanbi are Uplifted Coral Reef platforms; affected by the northeast monsoon, sand river and sand mound are also formed in the area.

According to statistics, there are 114 species of birds, 24 species of reptiles, 162 species of butterflies, 13 species of amphibians and 15 species of mammals in the park. In particular, the sika deer breeding area in sheding natural park is a milestone in Taiwan’s conservation work. The Hengchun Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The soft coral forest, algae, shellfish and other marine organisms inhabit the sea bed. At the same time, it attracts large fish to look for food, forming a rich and complete food chain.

In addition, the cultural assets of Kenting Park are also abundant, such as the ancient settlement of Hengchun, nanrenshan slate house, erluanbi lighthouse, and the prehistoric sites successively found on the Hengchun Peninsula, all of which show the diversity of the local history. There are many historical sites in the park, which are of great value for visitors.

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