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Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is located in shuishe village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, north of Alishan Mountain and south of Neng mountain in Taiwan Province. It is formerly known as Shuishalian, Longhu, Shuishe Lake, Zhutan and Shuangtan, also known as Shuili She.

Sun Moon Lake, with an altitude of 748 meters, a maximum depth of 27 meters and a circumference of about 37 kilometers, is one of the most exotic freshwater lakes in Taiwan, China. It is bounded by Guanghua Island, the shape of the north half lake is like a round sun, and the shape of the south half lake is like a curved moon. In 2009, Riyuetan was selected as “the largest natural freshwater lake in Taiwan, China” by the world record association. As early as the Qing Dynasty, Riyuetan was selected as one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan, known as “another attraction in out of the mainland”.

There are six theme parks in the scenic area according to the characteristic planning, including six theme parks such as landscape, nature, peacock and butterfly, waterfowl and religion, eight special scenic spots, and two service areas of water society and Dehua society. The beauty of Sun Moon Lake lies in the overlapping peaks around the lake, the vast lake and clear water. In the four seasons of the year, the scenery of morning and dusk is different. The average temperature in July is not higher than 22 ℃, and that in January is not lower than 15 ℃. In the summer , here is refreshing and pleasant as a summer resort.

The Shuishe mountain in the east of the lake is more than 2000 meters high; there is a Wenwu Temple (Temple of Literature and Martial) in the north of the lake; Qinglong mountain in the south is steep, and there are several temples at the foot of the mountain, among which Xuanzang temple is dedicated to the divine bones of Tang Xuanzang, an eminent monk of the Tang Dynasty; there is a Peacock Garden on the West Bank, where dozens of peacocks are kept; Shao people’s settlement in the southeast has a national song and dance performance for tourists to watch.

There is a small island in the Sun Moon Lake. It looks like a pearl floating on the water. It is called “Pearl Island”. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, in order to celebrate the restoration of Taiwan, it was renamed “Guanghua island”. The lake in the northeast of the island is like the sun, which is called the sun lake. The lake in the southwest is like the moon, which is called the Moon Lake, which is called the Sun Moon Lake.

To Riyuetan, if you take a special bus from Jiayi, it only takes more than an hour. If you take bus No. 1833 from block B of Taipei West Station to Riyuetan, get off at Riyuetan station for about 4 hours and 10 minutes. There is a tourist road around the lake, surrounded by trees, which is suitable for travel and rest. But most tourists still like to learn the ancient pan Yao ferry, go deep into various scenic spots and fully appreciate the local customs of the lake and mountain.

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