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Taipei 101 Building

Taipei 101 Building, formerly known as Taipei Financial Center, also known as Taipei 101 and Taibei Financial Building, is located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan Province, China. It is located in the center of Xinyi District financial and Trade Zone, east of Xinyi square, north of Xinyi 21 Park, west of Fuji foreign bank, and south of Taipei MRT Xinyi Line. It covers an area of 1.53 million square meters, including a 101 story office tower, a 6-story commercial podium and a 5-story underground floor. Each 8-story building is a structural unit, which is connected with each other and overlapped layer by layer to build the whole, with a building area of 398 thousand square meters. In 2011, Taipei 101 building was awarded LEED platinum green building certification in the United States.

On the 89th floor of Taipei 101 building, there are indoor viewing platform, memorial certificate making service point, voice guide counter, ice cream shop, souvenir shop, damper visiting area, etc.; on the 91st floor, there are indoor appearance viewing platform, 7 sets of 40 times telescope set in each corner. The office building adopts visitor card issuing system, 34 double-layer elevators are set in the building, and three different operation modes are changed according to the number of passengers in different periods.

On the 35th floor, there are smoking rooms, building management offices, etc.; on the 36th floor, there are international conference centers, etc.; on the 59th and 60th floors, there are building rental Offices, management headquarters – Taipei Financial Building Co., Ltd.; on the 84th floor, there are Fengyun meetings, which are multi-functional activity venues.

Taipei 101 shopping center, 6 floors above the ground, 1 floor underground; 1 floor underground is daily life food plaza, with daily life goods shops, local cuisines, etc.; on the 1st floor is 101 Avenue, with clothes, accessories, cosmetics maintenance, etc.; on the 2nd floor is fashion avenue, connected with the world trade center and New York shopping center free bridge; on the 3rd floor is Celebrity Avenue, brand flagship store; the 4th floor is Metropolitan Plaza, 40 meters high, covering an area of 500 square meters Meters, there are open-air coffee, European, Thai and Chinese restaurants; the 5th floor is for the financial center; the 6th floor is for the fitness center, there are climbing walls, boxing ring and other equipment.

Taipei 101 building is mainly planned by Taipei Financial Building Co., Ltd. and designed by architects Li Zuyuan and Wang Chongping. With the number 8 as the design unit, each 8-story building is a structural unit, with a 7-degree inclination inside the building surface, which is connected with each other and overlapped layer by layer to build the whole. Its appearance is a multi section structure to achieve the effect of disaster prevention and wind prevention. Each 8-story building forms a group of independent space The wind field effect on the ground caused by the air flow caused by high-rise buildings is analyzed and separated by green planting area. The wall is transparent and heat-insulating curtain glass. The exterior wall lighting will display special words or figures in the special festivals with the theme of festivals; the fireworks display device of Taipei 101 building will display skyscraper style fireworks with different Festival subjects.

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