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Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is one of the earliest national parks in Taiwan. It is located in the east of Taiwan and spans Hualian County, Taizhong city and Nantou County. The park has Taiwan’s first East-West cross road, known as the medium cross road system.

Tailuge National Park is characterized by canyons and cliffs. The precipices in the park are steep and the scenery is quiet. Therefore, it is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. In addition, there are many ice age relict organisms in the high mountain area of the park, such as the Arisan Hyllobiid

The former of Taroko National Park is the so-called “Tsugitaka Taroko National Park” established on December 27, 1937 during the Japanese invasion period. In 1945, the National Park was abolished because of the defeat of Japan. Founded in November 1986, the park starts from hernxikou in the East, ends at Hehuan mountain in the west, ends at qiliannan peak in the south, extends eastward along the east edge of the North qilai peak to jialiwan mountain, ends at the north of the North Nanhu mountain, and spans Hualian, Nantou and Taizhong counties. Liwu river is the most important water system in the area, covering two-thirds of the whole area, with a total area of 92000 hectares. Tailuge National Park is the second largest park in Taiwan after Yushan.

Across Hualien, Nantou and Taichung, the park is famous for its majestic and nearly vertical view of Marble Canyon. Walking along the canyon scenery line of Liwu River, there are cliffs, cliffs, canyons, continuous and tortuous cave tunnels, Dali rock strata and streams within the scope of vision. Four million years ago, the Philippine Ocean plate collided with the Eurasian continental plate to form Taiwan. The surface layer of the slowly rising central mountain range was stripped by weathering and erosion, and marble was exposed to the surface. These marble are eroded and incised by liwuxi for a long time, and the crust is uplifted continuously, forming a U-shaped canyon which is almost vertical.

Taroko National Park is characterized by mountains and valleys. In the Liwu river valley between tailuge and Tianxiang on the Zhongheng highway, both sides of the river are made up of marble layers, so it has the name of marble valley. Most of the recreational resources in the National Park are distributed along the east section of Zhongheng Road, such as Changchun temple, tailuge gorge, Jiuqu cave and Tianxiang. In addition, Suhua road with ghost axe and Shengong has clear water cliffs and beautiful Wawa Valley, which are famous scenic spots and tourist holy places.

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