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Dalian Jinshitan National Tourism Resort

Dalian Jinshitan National Tourism Resort is located in the southeast of Jinzhou District, near the economic and Technological Development Zone. With a total area of 112.3 square kilometers, it is the largest national tourist resort in China. The scenic area is close to the mountain and the sea, with beautiful natural environment, complete tourism functions, outstanding leisure characteristics, full of artistic atmosphere and exotic pastoral flavor. There are many famous domestic tourism projects and facilities in the scenic area, such as Jinshi Golf Course, International Yacht Club, wax museum, hunting ground, flower world, strange stone Museum, Jinshi Garden, cracked stones, Dalian Model School, Maple Leaf International School, Jinshi Racecourse and other famous domestic tourism projects and facilities, so it is known as “Divine Power Made Sculpture Park”, “Dalian’s Backyard Garden” and “Geological Museum”. It is an international garden style tourist resort integrating quietness and elegance.

The word “jin” (gold) in Jinshitan is not an exaggeration. The stones there are really more valuable than gold. Because those rocks are unique to China, rare in the world, and can not be regenerated on earth, pink reefs, golden stones, and unique cracked rocks. Because these rare stones are not artificial, but the creation of nature’s uncanny workmanship, Jinshitan is also known as “Divine Power Made Sculpture Park”. There are not only unique stones in Jinshitan, but also a four kilometer long bathing beach called the largest in China. There are blue sea, green grassland and dense forest.

Jinshitan National Tourism Resort is one of the four pilot areas for opening up in Dalian city. It is composed of Eastern Peninsula, western peninsula, open hinterland and bathing beach between the two peninsulas. The Sinian rocks, which were born 600 million years ago, are scattered along the 6.5 km coastline with various shapes and wonderful workmanship. They are called “natural geological museum” and “Divine Power Made Sculpture Park” by the world geological circles. The coastline is 30 kilometers long. The Golden Coast bathing beach is located in the middle of Jinshitan, 4.5km across. It is divided into three parts in the West and the Middle East. It is the best bathing beach in southern Liaoning Province. It is the largest and only natural seawater lighting bathing beach in northern China. The bathing beach is rated as one of the 15 healthy bathing beaches in China. It is an ideal place to carry out activities such as sea bathing, seaside barbecue, beach bonfire party, enterprise team building and marine entertainment.

Discovery Kingdom Theme Park is located on the golden coast of Jinshitan National Tourism Resort in Dalian. The name of Discovery Kingdom is very appropriate, especially for the first-time tourists.
When you stand in the huge square and look around, the bright cartoon image over there has just caught your eye, and the roller coaster on this side grabs your eyes again; when the scream on the right leads you to look around, there are endless exclamations on the left. Everything here is so fresh that it’s worth discovering. The starting point of Discovery Kingdom is discovery square, which can also be said to be the end point, because Park Entertainment is circular distribution. So when I came to the square for the second time, it was probably time to leave. There is a beautiful fountain in the square, which is also of European style. You can take a picture with the lovely cartoon characters around you, including the park’s leading character, cool music. There is a lake in the center of the park not far away. If there is no lake, the park mainly made of steel will lack a sense of flexibility and kindness. The castle in the middle of the lake has the shadow of Hogwarts in Rowling’s “Harry Potter” School of witchcraft. People who see it have a desire to go boating to the castle. However, when they are told that it is used to set off fireworks at night, people will feel sorry, but they will begin to look forward to the night.

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