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Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Located in the west of the North Bank of Hong Kong Island, Causeway Bay is one of the most important shopping areas in Hong Kong. It is also a prosperous commercial center with many large department stores and shopping malls. There are many large department stores and shopping malls in the area, including times square and World Trade Center. Causeway Bay shopping district is also the second most expensive area in the world, second only to the Fifth Avenue in New York.

There are many Japanese people living in Causeway Bay and its adjacent areas, so there are many large Japanese department stores and supermarkets in Causeway Bay. Japanese restaurants, clubs and entertainment places specially catering to Japanese people are scattered all over the area. Causeway Bay has a lot of trendy shops selling local, Japanese and even global fashion goods, fashion and fashion products. In addition, Causeway Bay has many cinemas, karaoke shops and other entertainment facilities. In addition, many shops in Causeway Bay are open late at night. Therefore, Causeway Bay has become a very busy area and one of the most popular places for young people in Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong’s overnight urban areas. At night, the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay is bustling and busy. The boats are brightly lit, and boat girls in Tang clothes and trousers are rowing to and from the seafood boats, bar boats and song boats. While tasting seafood on the boat, visitors can also enjoy the night view of the harbour and enjoy the sampan scenery. Therefore, it is an ideal arrangement for tourists to visit the typhoon shelter at night. In addition, there are many good Chinese and Western restaurants in Causeway Bay. Victoria Park, the most popular resting place. Every morning, many citizens practice Taijiquan there. Thousands of people gather here to celebrate the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas and new year’s Eve. The park has a swimming pool, jogging track and tennis court, which is often the venue for international tennis events. Another famous building in Causeway Bay is the Hong Kong Stadium, which has international standards and can accommodate 40000 people. Between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai is happy valley. From September to June of the following year is the racing season. Visitors can also visit the Hong Kong Jockey Museum on the second floor of the happy stand in the racecourse.

Causeway Bay Road, built on the former coastline, is named after the Bay in the area. Famous landmarks include Tin Hau Temple, Wu Pao and a bronze statue of Queen Victoria. Visitors can feel the interweaving of local tradition and colonial culture.

In Causeway Bay, you can shop from day to night. After dinner or late night, go to the bar on the roof for a drink. There are many high-rise buildings and hotels in the area, and the location is excellent, so you can enjoy the splendid urban landscape of Hong Kong. Or, go to the elegant and tranquil pit not far from the business district, and feel its different customs and feelings!

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